The precious metals

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Gold is a precious metal which has been used for thousands of years for jewelry. It is for this reason they say: With gold, you indicate that you love one another. This is because the precious metal has a reasonably fixed value. Gold is a soft metal which can be easily stretched. Gold melts at 1063 degrees and will never rust or discolor. Gold is also called the King of the precious metals. It has been given this name over the centuries because it has such nice features which makes it unique.

In Europe, they do not use pure gold for making jewelry. The gold content in jewelry varies per country. We generally work with three levels of gold; 9 carat, 14 carat and 18 carat. Pure gold is 24 carats. The content of gold is determined by the addition of other metals. We work with three different colors of gold; yellow, white and red gold. Red Gold, for example, gets its color by the addition of copper. The higher the copper content, the stronger the red coloring of the metal

9 carat gold: 375 - 9 crt
14 carat gold: 585 - 14 crt
18 carat gold: 750 - 18 crt
20 carat gold: 833 - 20 crt
21,6 carat gold: 900 - 21,6 crt
22 carat gold: 916 - 22 crt

The content of the gold in a piece of jewelry, can be checked with aqua regia and a special test stone. It is mandatory in the Netherlands to have a piece of jewelry approved by an institute. They determine the gold content and then they mark the product with the hallmark that is related to the content of the metal.

In the Netherlands we have the following hallmarks for gold:

The content of gold is determined by the addition of metal, the so-called side-metals.(alloys) On our site we work with three different colors of gold: yellow gold, white gold and red gold.
You get a different content of yellow gold by adding silver and copper, usually 2/3 silver and 1/3 copper. Red Gold mainly gets its color by adding more copper.


Silver is a beautiful shiny precious metal and is relatively soft which allows it to be reshaped fairly well. Because of this silver jewelry has already been made in the distant past. Silver alone has the feature that it can oxidise by sunlight or by the acidity of transparency, but in general, 90% does not suffer from this. Silver also has another metal added to it to increase the hardness. With silver we speak about several contents. Overall 925 silver is used, this is 1st grade silver. Silver also has be approved, a hallmark and the brand of the goldsmith who made it will be marked on the product.
The Netherlands has the following hallmarks for silver:


Platinum is a rare precious metal, even more rare than gold. The scarcity of the metal ensures that it is a more expensive precious metal. Platinum is a pure precious metal with a higher density. Platinum is naturally white and has been a popular choice for exclusive engagement rings with beautiful diamonds for years. The metal will never change color. In addition to this platinum is so extraordinary, because the risk of an allergic response is very small. Platinum has also been called, the metal without weaknesses. The melting point is at a level of up to 1772 degrees! Jewelry made of platinum also has to be examined, and the brand of the goldsmith will be marked.