Everything you need to know about different birthstones

Besides a unique constellation, there are also birthstones. Each month has its own unique stone with its own unique features. Below we give you an overview of all the birthstones. For more information you can click on the image.

January: Garnet (rhodolite)

Courage Authority Faith Protection Purity

The Garnet (rhodolite) has a beautiful deep red color, derived from the seeds of the pomegranate. The Latin word granatus means seed. The name of this birthstone is therefore derived from that word. In the past, the knights and warriors wore the birthstone as an amulet, the swords and armour were also decorated with the stone. Garnet is inherently hard and was even used as a bullet by Asian tribes in the past. It is said that the Garnet can bring equilibrium and balance into your life and reduce stress and anxiety. It helps in making decisions and reinforces positive emotions, such as love!

February: Amethyst

Beauty and respect / Protection /Suitable for physical complaints

In the past the Amethyst was as precious as a ruby, and to this day remains one of the most valuable gemstones in the quartz family. Amethyst has a beautiful purple color with a beautiful brilliance. The Greek word amethystos means not drunk. In the past, they thought a Amethyst would prevent you from getting drunk. The stone should ensure that you wouldn't be tempted. Amethyst is therefore also called stone of temptation. Leonardo Da Vinci once wrote that amethyst makes you smarter and cleanses your mind of negative thoughts.

March: Aquamarine

Happiness and harmony /Love /Therapeutic effect

The Aquamarine got its name because of its beautiful light blue color and is derived from the Latin word for seawater. This birthstone belonging to the beryl group, has the same family as the Emerald. This birthstone was a protective stone for the people that worked at sea. The stone should work against seasickness and against heart, liver, stomach, mouth and throat complaints. This stone should increase your happiness!

April: Diamond (black and white)

Romance /Love /Prosperity /Strength /Power. A girls best friend!

April is the month of the diamonds. There are several stories that are known about the diamond from the past. For example, the Greeks thought that diamonds were tears of the gods and the Romans thought they were small pieces of stars. People of the Middle ages also had their own theory. They thought that the stone protected you against poisoning and that it warned you about diseases. Once the diamond turned dull the carrier would become sick. But there are also black diamonds, these are seen as mysterious. Because of all the inclusions of the diamond you can not see through the stone that is why it has a deep black color.

May: Emerald

Eternal Youth/ Wisdom/ Love and loyalty/ Suitable against eye complaints

The Emerald has an intense green color, the most beautiful green color in nature. Its name is due to the Greek word Smaragdos, this literally means green stone. This birthstone was once considered sacred. Cleopatra was a saint who wore this stone. They thought that the stone had healing powers and brought you happiness!

June: Pearl

Love/Protection /Happiness/ Wisdom/Modesty/ Therapeutic

The pearl is actually not a stone, but a beautiful pearl bead. Behind the jewel various stories are hidden. For example, the Greeks thought that pearls were the tears of joy of the love goddess Aphrodite. A pearl gives happiness, protection and strengthens friendships.

July: Ruby

Love/ Passion/ Protection from harm/ Happiness

The Ruby is only available in the color red and belongs to the corundum family. The red color of the ruby is also called pigeon blood red. The Latin word ruber meaning red. The Ruby is very expensive and is one of the most expensive gemstones in the world, the King of Gemstones. Ruby should provide protection against accidents, ill health and heartbreak. Hence, traditionally many royal jewelry contains rubies.

August: Peridot

Vitality/ Nature/ Inner growth/ Soothing/ Confidence

The Peridot is also known as the stone of the sun. The ancient Egyptians discovered it first. They say that the Peridot has many healing and magical powers. The stone should protect you against nightmares, the evil eye, asthma and fever. They use to grind the stone into powder to use it as medicine. With the Peridot you feel fantastic again!

September: Sapphire

Wisdom/ Purity/ Wealth/ Immortality/ Friendship

The Sapphire also belongs to the corundum family. The difference between the Ruby and the Sapphire is that the Sapphire is available in other colors. The Sapphire is also called the color of the sky. The Sapphire was used for protection against diseases and for bringing peace and wisdom

October: Opal

Hope/ Invisibility/ Stress relieving/ Creativity/ Against nightmares

The Opal is a striking stone with beautiful colors. The Romans called the Opal the Queen of Gems because of the different colors. The Opal, just like the Peridot, helps against nightmares. In addition to this, the stone also ensures that your creativity will be stimulated.

November: Topaz

Loyalty/Friendship/ Rest/Optimism/Balance/Therapeutic

The Topaz has a beautiful intense blue color. In the old days they thought that the Topaz would give you more power and confidence. The Topaz also has healing powers, it should bring balance and peace in your life and strengthen your friendships.

December: Turquoise

Rest/ Suitable for depression/ Insightful/Creativity

Turquoise is also called the sacred stone. In the old days, the medicine men thought they could heal people and give them wisdom with this stone. They thought that the stone would change color if there was danger. The stone would protect you from the evil eye and ensures wealth!

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