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Everything you need to know about cleaning your jewelry

Right maintenance and usage of gold and silver jewelry:
  • Protect your jewelry from scratches and other rings, so it is better not to place your jewelry loose in a drawer or box in which they are next to each other. Jewelry lying together may scratch each other.
  • Do not let your jewelry make contact with hard surfaces and do not put on jewelry above a hard floor.
  • Take of your jewelry before you exercise, when you are doing the household or other rough work, and when you go to sleep or shower.
  • Avoid contact of your jewelry with chemicals such as perfumes, cleaning products and chemicals found in swimming pools.
  • Avoid contact between pearls and cosmetics. Their beautiful shine and color can be damaged by contact with makeup, hairspray and perfume.
  • Only use lukewarm water, without chemical additives.
  • Discoloration of pearls and silver is possible due to normal use.

We are not liable for damage caused by the wearing or misuse of jewelry.

What is the best way to clean my jewelry?

Gold and silver jewelry can be cleaned with a good jewelry cleaner. You can buy it at the jeweller or goldsmith. You can also have your jewelry cleaned here. You can also occasionally dip your jewelry in soapy water, for example in green soap. In the next paragraph we explain step by step how you can clean your jewelry yourself. Silver can easily turn black, by sulphur compounds, a. Avoid sulfur-containing substances, and chlorine. Diamond and zircon jewelry can turn doll from skin oils, soap, butter or oil. They lose their shine. A diamond should be cleaned on an average of once a month.

Cleaning can be done as follows:
Make a bowl of warm soapy water with a soft, liquid (off) detergent. Brush the diamond gently with a soft toothbrush in the water. Then put it in a sieve and rinse under warm running water. Pat it dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Another way to make the diamonds sparkle again is a mixture of ammonia and water. Make a solution of equal amounts of cold water and ammonia. Place the jewelry with the diamond in this and let it soak. Remove the jewelry after half an hour and gently beat it with a brush on the front and back of the setting. Put it in the solution again and allow the diamond, without rinsing, to dry on a piece of paper.
Have your jewelry checked at least once a year, settlements of stone can wear out over time which can cause stones to fall out. This is fairly easy to repair and costs a lot less than if you lose a beautiful stone.