For orders through the DiamondsByMe website, we handle a trial period of 60 days after delivery. Within this time period you can check the jewelry, fit it and determine whether you wish to keep it, unless stated otherwise. Custom designed jewelry can not be returned. For our terms and conditions click here.

Who are we

DiamondsByMe is the first Dutch website that makes it possible for you to design a high quality piece of jewelry in each precious metal and with a wide selection of the finest gems. We make it possible to create a personalized piece of jewelry for you, that you normally wouldn't encounter elsewhere.

Our office is located in Rhoon, The Netherlands. Our stores are located in Hellevoetsluis and Spijkenisse, The Netherlands. You are always welcome in one of our stores. We look forward to helping you fulfil your dream jewelry.

You can only visit our office after making an appointment.

All of our jewelry is hand-crafted in our own workshop in Rhoon. Our team of excellent goldsmiths is working hard to make the most beautiful, unique designs.


Every piece of jewelry is made in our own workplace, which save us time and money. We don’t begin crafting a piece until you place your order. This is the reason why we don’t have anything in stock. You are buying directly from the manufacturer.

We offer you the best price every day of the year. Therefore we don’t use any discount promotions.

Our prices are based on the daily changing gold rate. This gold rate is changing every day. Generally, there a no major differences in price.

Design yourself

We show many various jewelry on our website. Once you have found a piece of jewelry that you like, you can customize it to your own style. You can choose the precious metal and we provide you with the opportunity to choose a beautiful gemstone. Most of the time you also have the possibility to choose the size of the stone. A unique piece of jewelry can be created for every personality and almost every budget. By combining the craftsmanship of unique jewelry with the ability to customize, we create one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Yes, we enjoy creating new jewelry with the customer. Send us a picture or a sketch and we will offer you the best price for the design.

Yes, we love to create new, unique designs in cooperation with the costumer. Transforming your idea into a real, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry is a beautiful process.

No problem! You can contact us and explain your wishes by e-mail or phone. A change in design from our website is free. You only pay when you choose for more material and/or more stones.

Yes, your gold is obviously worth money. If you have gold of your own, this can be used in two separate ways. The first way is that you hand in the gold with us as a payment. The value will be deducted from your purchase. The second way is that the gold you hand in to us will completely be re-used for producing your new piece of jewelry. We charge extra costs for re-using the gold in your new jewelry, because we have to follow a special method. Your own gold will get a new life, a beautiful piece of jewelry with emotional value.

This varies per piece. Of course we will happily make you a non-committal price estimate. Send us your design and we will send you an estimate of the price shortly.


Our jewelry is sold online. However, our stores are presenting a small collection for inspiration. Would you like to see a specific piece of jewelry in one of our stores? We recommend you to contact the store and ask if the jewelry is available. However, it is also an opportunity to send a piece of jewelry in 3D. We are one of the first online stores that give you the possibility to order jewelry in 3D before you order the actual piece.

Each piece of jewelry is handmade. We don’t begin crafting a piece until you place your order. You can order more than a million pieces of different jewelry on our website. Therefore it isn’t possible for us to have all the unique jewelry in stock.


Each piece of jewelry is handmade by one of our goldsmiths. Your unique piece of jewelry is made with love, carefulness and passion. Our webshop show an infinite collection of beautiful jewelry. Therefore it is not possible for us to have all the jewelry in stock. Every piece of jewelry is unique and specially made for you.

The time between the day you place your order and the estimated delivery date is the time it takes for our goldsmiths to handicraft your piece. We want to be able to guarantee you that your order will be ready on time. Would you like to receive the order faster? Please contact us for the options

Our weapon engravings are placed in the layer stones by hand. This is done with the utmost precision, which will take a lot of time. We cooperate with one of the world's best engravers. This is why the delivery time of jewelry with hand engravings is approximately 8 to 10 weeks.


Yes, all of our jewelry comes with a legal warranty. Legal warranty means that a product is or has to do what you would reasonably expect of it. Excluded from this warranty are damages caused by yourself. However, we can offer you a small charge for repairing the piece of jewelry. Please note the warranty will expire if another jeweller resizes or modifies the piece.


The benefits of creating a account are:

• you can follow the status of your order.
• we can easily find your order.
• once in every two weeks you will receive a newsletter with exclusive offers and news.


If you don’t know your ring size and you would like to by a ring from DiamondsByMe, you can choose the option ‘I don’t know my ring size’. We will send you a free tool to measure your ring size. Once you know your size, you can let us know by e-mail.

If you have bought one of our rings, we can always remake it to the right size. We will charge €15,- for resizing the ring to one size bigger or smaller. Do you want to resize the ring more than 1 size or is the ring crowded with stones? You will receive a quotation.


We select our own gems in Asia. Our goal is to buy all of our gemstones in AAA quality. In addition, they are almost all eye clean, meaning they appear without (visible) inclusions. These gemstones are beautifully cut and have a wonderful fire, which makes them sparkle beautifully.

Yes, it is possible to buy an other gemstone which we don’t show on our website. We are always looking for the finest gemstones. There are so many types of gemstones for sale, we can’t show them all on our website. We would love to search for that one special gemstone you were looking for. Please contact us for the options.

Unfortunately, for gemstones there is no certificate. We only sell gems we would want to purchase ourselves. You only receive an official certificate for a diamond from 0.30 carats, for example GIA or HRD. Would you like a certificate for a diamond less than 0.30 carats? You can request it by yourself. When you order any beautiful piece of jewelry from DiamondsByMe, you will receive our own certificate.

No, we don’t buy any gemstones or diamonds from customers. However, it is a possibility to make a new piece of jewelry with your own old gemstone or diamond. Please contact us about the options.

Precious metals

At DiamondsByMe we offer three types of alloy. Pure gold is very soft, and is therefore often forged with other materials to make it stronger. We offer a choice of 9, 14 and 18 carat gold. Meaning for example: of the 1000 particles in a 14 carat gold alloy, 585 particles are pure gold. The rest are added materials. Would you like to learn more about the various gold alloys? On our gold page you can read all there is to know about this precious metal.