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Lifetime guarantee

Lifetime guarantee; Yes, you read it correctly! We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our jewelry! With DiamondsByMe, safe and reliable shopping is a sure thing.

Why offer a lifetime guarantee?

We understand our jewelry are purchased for a lifetime. Because its design is unique and special, you will want to wear our jewelry your entire life. And of course you want to be sure our jewels last a lifetime and can be passed onto future generations. For that reason, we offer a lifetime guarantee. We believe in the quality of our jewels 100%. Because they are exclusively made by the best professionals, we are able to give a lifetime guarantee.

What do we mean by lifetime guarantee?

A lifetime guarantee on our jewels means they should last a lifetime, provided that normal use and proper maintenance is considered. By normal use, for instance, we mean not wearing a jewel during heavy labor Please take a jewel’s fragility into account. Furthermore, it is wise to maintain your jewelry responsibly to prevent scratches, discoloration, dents, fractures and other signs of wear. We strongly recommend sending us your jewelry once every two years for a checkup. We offer a free polish and cleaning service of your jewel.

What does our lifetime guarantee cover?

When a jewel is sent to us, it is assessed by our service crew first. They decide whether the returned object is covered by the lifetime warranty. After the assessment, we will contact you to talk you through the process. Of course, the lifetime guarantee does not apply to everything. That is why the following is not covered under warranty:

  1. Repairs done on the jewel by another goldsmith and/ or person than DiamondsByMe.
  2. Heavily damaged jewelry (causing gemstones to fall out, for instance).
  3. Fractures, discoloration, scratches, dents, and other signs of wear
What is covered under warranty?
  • Manufacturing defects.
  • Damage to the jewel due to improper handling during shipping.
  • A stone that may have fallen out.

If a stone has fallen out of your jewel, this too shall be assessed by our service crew first. They will decide, consequently, if this is covered under warranty. A gemstone is usually set with small prongs which can bend and show signs of wear. This can lead to a stone falling out. To prevent this from happening, we strongly recommend sending us your jewel once every two years.
We will not only clean and polish your jewel, but we will also check all the prongs for signs of wear and damage not covered under warranty may be repaired for a reasonable rate if wanted. Your crown jewel, a lifetime pleasure to wear!

If you have any questions about the lifetime warranty, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to answer your questions!


Of course we can resize your ring for you.

  • Up to 1 size larger or smaller, we have a service charge of €15,- (up to 1 months after delivery)

For rings made of Platinum and rings that are set around with precious stones (eternity), different prices apply. For this we give you a quotation first.

Repairs will be handled according to the day of receipt. The jewelry will be repaired within 7-14 days. We will keep you informed about the reparation and solution.


DiamondsByMe offers warranty on every purchase. Despite the fact that our goldsmiths take a lot of care for your jewelry, it’s could always happen something went wrong. Did you notice something wrong with the ordered product? Please contact us within 48 hours after you received your package. Send a e-mail to;