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Your account

An account with the available data will automatically be created for you during the ordering process. You will receive your access data by email. You can change this data and choose your own password. In your account, you can view the order history, adjust settings and view and change your address data.

Order history

You will find an overview of the transacted orders in the order history in your own account. You can also see when this order was placed and what the purchase price was.

Change data

It is, of course, possible that you have moved since your last visit to our website. Or your email address has changed. You can conveniently change these data in your own account under the category “My Data.”

My Data

Enter the address data. If you would like your orders to be delivered to an address other than your home address, you can specify where your jewelry shall be sent under the delivery address.

Change email address

You can easily change your email address or your password under "Settings.”

My wishlist

It's good to know: At DiamondsByMe you can create your own wishlist. If you see a beautiful ring on our site, you can easily put it on your wishlist.

For each piece of jewelry on our website, the heart icon is displayed in the upper left corner of the image. Click on the product to add it to your wishlist. You can easily view this wishlist by clicking on the heart symbol at the top right of the page.

From your wishlist, you can easily order a favorite ring or another piece of jewelry by clicking on the shopping cart. The piece of jewelry will then be added to your shopping cart in the composition you have added to your wishlist.

You can also proceed directly from your wishlist to the product page to change your desired piece of jewelry by clicking on the picture of the piece of jewelry.

You have a beautiful piece of jewelry in mind and would like to share your enthusiasm? Or would you like to give your partner a silent hint about what you like? Then you can share your wishlist via Facebook or email.

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