Design yourself

Create your own

Would you like something different then on the site? Design your own ring!

On the website there are many models, which can also be personalized by you. Do you want it slightly wider or more narrow? That is possible of course! Do you have a different design in mind? Please feel free to contact us.

Together we can design your dream ring through an online consultation. During this consultation a sketch will be created by our artist based on your ideas and wishes. Each design is then first drawn in 3D and cast to see if the proportions match the drawing. With our 3D technology, we can print a dummy of the ring, so you can see exactly what the ring will look like! Approved? Then our goldsmith will start making your ring.

Duplicating jewelry

It is possible for us to make duplicates of jewelry. Often a picture of the piece of jewelry is enough for us to draw a perfect look-a-like. A 3D drawing is made of the jewelry so you can see if the drawing matches the wanted item. Have you seen another piece of jewelry that you like, but it's too expensive? Request a quote from us.

jewelry made of old gold

All the jewelry items we sell on our website can also be made from your own gold. We first make a 3D print, after which the jewelry is cast through a different casting in your own noble metal. We can use any gold to cast the jewelry in every desired model.

Memorial and commemorative jewelry

Do you want a special, permanent memory to a deceased loved one, family member or friend? It is possible to have a small bit of ash placed in our jewelry. Most of our models are suitable for this. The ash is placed in the jewelry in a small cavity, after which the cavity is welded shut. The ash is then permanently part of the jewelry. This way you can always carry a memory wherever you go. It is not only possible to process a bit of ash, but also a hair lock or a fingerprint. Contact us for the possibilities.

The entire process

The following videos explain the four steps of the entire process AFTER the online consult.

1. The design process
After the design is sketched on paper, our 3D designer gets to work to make the design on the computer.

2. The 3D printing
After the 3D design is made, the jewelry is printed on a 3D printer. The printer is so precise, that it gives us a perfect print of our design.

3. The casting process
After a imprint is made in plaster, the jewelry is then cast in gold.

4. The finishing
We're not done yet after the jewelry is cast in gold! Finishing a piece of jewelry requires an eye for detail.

Would you like to see more? In the below video you can see the complete process.