Diamond certificates

The GIA, HRD and IGI certificate

When you buy a diamond, you want to be certain about what the quality of the diamond is and where the diamond was found. This information is mentioned on a diamond certificate, which you'll receive with a diamond of 0,3 CRT or bigger. There are three major institutions that are known for their good certificates:

  • 1. Gemological Institute of America, (GIA)
  • 2. Diamond High Council, (HRD)
  • 3. International Gemological Institute, (IGI)
The certificates are drafted by experts in the field of gemmology. They analyse gemstones using special equipment. The certificate is a document where the main characteristics of the diamond are officially sealed. The certificate shows the exact quality and characteristics of the diamond, like dimensions, color grade, weight, etc.

certificaat GIA

1. GIA: Gemological Institute of America

The GIA was founded in 1931. The GIA was one of the founders of the grading system which is used by everyone today. It is a non-profit organization that has a lot of experience in this field of work. Next to issuing certificates, they also offer education in gems and jewelry.

certificaat HDR

2. HRD: Diamond High Council

HRD is based in Antwerp. The HRD is the official representative of the Belgian diamond trade. Also HRD laboratory is the largest in the world and provides independent and reliable diamond certificates. The HRD provides two types of certificates of which the HRD diamond certificate is the most comprehensive which applies to stones from 1:00 CT upwards. All important elements to describe a diamond are mentioned in this certificate. They also have the HRD diamond identification report if the diamond is under 1.00 CT.

certificaat IGI

3. IGI: International Gemological Institute 

The IGI examines diamonds and also issues certificates as well. IGI was founded in 1975 and owns the oldest laboratory in Antwerp. In addition to research, they also teach at the school IGI of Gemmology. We prefer not to use this certificate. Sometimes the graduation of a IGI certificate can be higher then a GIA certificate. With the GIA certificate we can guarantee that you will get the quality you have asked for.

With a diamond certificate you have certainty. With the certificate you are in possession of all the background information on the diamond. When you purchase a diamond at DiamondsByMe that is larger than 0:30 CT, an official certificate is included. When you purchase a diamond that is smaller then 0.3 ct you will receive a private certificate. The reason behind this is, that the cost of a certificate will exceed the price of the diamond. On our website you can choose a diamond and view the certificate directly. This way you will be able to compare different stones with each other. If you require any further information, please contact us for advice.

Explanation of diamonds with certificates
Buying a diamond is a special purchase for a special moment. It is therefore important that you buy with assurance.