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At DiamondsByMe silver earrings can be personalized to match your taste. In our collection you will find silver stud earrings, drop earrings and hoop earrings. Whether you prefer a classic look, modern or exclusive – our silver earrings can all be personalized. Opt for silver in our configurator, and perfect your pair of earrings by choosing the desired birthstones. Only when you are happy with the design, will our goldsmiths create the silver earrings for you. All this is done in our artisan studio in the Netherlands.

Silver stud earrings, drop earrings and hoop earrings

Silver earrings have a nice, shiny appearance. These shimmering jewels are perfectly to give as a gift, or to receive. Because the price of silver is not as expensive as gold or platinum, these jewels are highly affordable. This will make silver stud earrings, hoop earrings or drop earrings a perfect gift for every occasion; a birthday, a graduation, an anniversary or perhaps even the birth of a child...With jewelry you celebrate life.

Silver earrings, or perhaps white gold?

Silver is a precious metal that, like gold, is delved from the earth. It's beautifully shiny and a relatively soft metal. That is why a goldsmith can create the most beautiful pieces of jewelry out of it. To achieve a certain hardness of the material, a goldsmith will use an alloy. No piece of jewelry is made of pure silver, like there is no piece of jewelry made of pure, 24 carat gold. Of course, all silver jewelry created by DiamondsByMe is made of the highest quality. You will recognize the silver alloy by the 925 mark, meaning 92,5% pure silver has been used.

  • The difference between silver and white gold: the price

Silver and white gold. Both metals carry a beautiful white shine. And then there is platinum! These metals could easily be mixed up. However, there are differences. If you already checked some of our white gold and silver earrings in our collection, then surely you will have noticed that the price of white gold is exceedingly higher than that of silver. The price of platinum even more so. The difference between silver and white gold is the rarity of gold. Gold is becoming more rare each day, whereas there is currently an ample amount of silver in the earth.

  • Difference between silver and white gold: the properties

But next to the price, there's a difference between silver and white gold in terms of their appearance. Silver shines beautifully, but there is a chance that in time you silver earrings may discolor. Fortunately, you can fix this by polishing the silver. That way the silver will keep on shining. White gold does not have this problem: white gold has an icy white color obtained by adding a layer of rhodium. In time the layer may wear off, revealing the yellowish color underneath. Fortunately,, this can be fixed by adding a new layer of rhodium.

Matching silver ring or necklace

Do you like wearing multiple pieces of jewelry at once? Then it's especially nice to have your new silver earrings match your ring or your necklace. This is something DiamondsByMe understands all too well. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to order a matching set of earrings, a ring and necklace. All of our rings and pendants are fully customizable as well. To have a matching set simply choose silver for the precious metal, and the same stones as opted for the earrings.

Another way of finding a matching ring or necklace on our website, is by typing the name of the earrings in our search bar. If there are matching rings or necklaces available, they will appear on your screen. A couple of examples of matching sets are Lieke, Dodie and Tessa. Type in these names, and you will see all the pieces we have of that specific design. Of course, we will gladly help you find a beautiful ring or necklace to match your silver earrings. Be sure to contact us!