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Diamond cuts

Cutting a diamond requires a special kind of expertise. In order to create the right effect in the end product, each diamond has to be cut perfectly. Because the stone is extremely valuable as well, not just anyone is qualified to cut them. The cut of a diamond is one of the deciding factors during appraisal. One tiny mistake can cut the value of diamond in half.

Now you might wonder, what does quality control consist of? We buy our diamonds at the best traders of Antwerp, they only sell the best of the best and ensure that the precious stones meet all market standards. Furthermore we offer round diamonds from 0.30 ct with a GIA certificate.
More information on our GIA certificate can be found here.
Below we listed several diamond cuts along with their descriptions, these are the types of cut we offer through our online store and which we believe bring out the best in any diamond.

Round (or Brilliant) cut

The round diamond cut has been commonplace for many years. Lots of research led to this iconic cut which is said to achieve the most beautiful effect.
Every diamond which is cut this way needs to have a total of 57 facets, 33 of which are located on the crown, and 24 on the pavilion. If it does not require this standard, a diamond cannot be called a round brilliant cut stone. A round diamond is the most popular stone for engagement rings, it sparkles like no other! This cut is very modern, but timeless at the same time. It allows for many different combinations and fits nicely in (most) every ring.

Princess cut

The princess cut is the most popular cut for diamonds after the brilliant cut.
The exact cut of a princess cut diamond may differ. It is always characterized by its square shape, the number of facets may differ though.
This cut, like the round or brilliant cut, is often used for engagement rings. Princess cut diamonds are always a good pick because they are truly multi-faceted. This allows for easier combinations with various ring styles.

Emerald cut

An emerald cut has a rectangular or square shape with cut corners and pavilion, this is what makes the emerald cut very unique! Many people think the cut somewhat resembles a stepped stair-like shape.
The emerald cut was initially designed just for cutting emeralds, it was a special cut for the often-brittle green stone. The shaved corners make the stone less vulnerable to damage.
When the same cut was applied to diamonds at a later time the result proved surprisingly beautiful.

Asscher cut

The Asscher cut was introduced by the brothers Asscher from Amsterdam. It is especially sought after in the world of antiques and jewelry. This cut became a trend after Carrie Bradshaw introduced it when she got engaged to Aidan Shaw in Sex and the City.
The Asscher cut somewhat resembles a square emerald cut, both cuts have their overall shape in common, including the shaved corners. As you can see in the image, the top of the stone consists of one large facet in the emerald cut, while the top of the Asscher cut contains multiple facets.

Trillion Cut

The trillion cut is another cut by the brothers Asscher. The cut is similar to the Asscher cut, but it is triangular. In 1962 it was deposited by the Henry Meijer Diamond Company in New York. Currently, the patent has expired and the name can be used freely to denote any triangular cuts. To ensure an actual trillion cut we will always include a GIA certificate.

Cushion cut

A diamond cut in cushion cut shape is often compared to a princess cut. This is because of its square shape. The rounded corners and small facets on the crown of the stone are what makes the cushion cut truly unique. The name cushion cut is derived from the shape and look of the stone which appears more elegant and less sharp.

Heart-shaped Diamond

The heart-shaped diamond is truly one of a kind. If you are looking for a symbol of love it does not get much better than this.
Are you a sentimental, sensitive, romantic woman? Then this cut is ideal for you. Celebrities who happily wear these diamonds are, for example: Joan Collins and Andrea Hissom.

Oval cut

The oval cut is rather self-explanatory, it is an oval-shaped cut. The bottom of the stone, the pavilion, may have one of various shapes. The more facets are located on the bottom of the stone, the more beautiful light will scatter inside the stone.

This cut looks especially beautiful on women with smaller hands and shorter fingers. The oval shape will make your fingers look longer and has a slimming effect.

Marquis cut

The marquis brilliant cut is known for its extraordinary shape. The shape is described as being boat-like or ‘navette’. Just like the oval shape, the marquis can have extra facets on the bottom of the stone to increase its luster.

Pear-shaped cut

The pear-shaped cut looks like a rain-drop. It is a combination of sorts, of both the round cut and the marquis cut with one side narrowing into a point. The pointy end of the pear-shape cut is supposed to point towards the fingertips of its wearer.
This is the perfect cut for unique, spontaneous and adventurous women. Catherine Heigl and Anne Hathaway are among the famous women to wear this diamond shape.