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Signet rings engravings

Signet rings, family crest rings, and coat of arm rings

Are you celebrating a memorable event or your family heritage? Seal the deal with one of our beautiful signet rings.
The signet ring is part of the ages old living tradition of western jewelry. Often the signet ring is passed on inside the family for many years from father to son, or daughter. Often the ring will display a family crest, coat of arms or the initials of its original wearer in the form of a monogram. Of course, when it comes to engraving signet rings, we offer many more options.
Every signet ring by DiamondsByMe is crafted with the utmost care in the Netherlands, after which it is sent to our master engraver in Germany. This master engraver engraves exquisite details into the layer stone which is set in the ring. Our use of state-of-the-art 3D technology and exquisite craftsmanship ensure the result is the uniquely customized bespoke ring of your dreams,

Whether you pick an exclusive coat of arms engraving, realized by our master engraver, or whether you prefer an entirely customized design to be engraved, do let your imagination run wild.
A handmade bespoke ring with unique personal touches!

On this page you will find our available selection of types of engraving, types of set stone, types of rings, and also examples of different engravings that you may want to use to customize your bespoke signet ring. Of course you are free to send us a custom design for the engraving, our design experts will then assess whether the design is suitable for engraving.

Types of signet rings

Generally we distinguish two types of signet rings. On the one hand there are our solid gold rings which will be engraved by hand by our appropriate expert, the image is sculpted from the signet’s flat surface by removing lines of gold through engraving. On the other hand there are our solid gold rings with a set stone. This precious stone will be engraved in a way not unlike the solid gold signet ring without set stone.
All bespoke signet rings we create at DiamondsByMe are solid gold rings. These signet rings need to be sturdy enough to last at least one generation. Our master gold smiths have years of experience in creating the most stunning pieces. A quality signet ring should be solid gold and have a tight set stone.

Signet ring stones

We offer a large selection of layer stones but also different precious stones such as: onyx, carnelian, bloodstone, and lapis lazuli.
A layer stone, as its name implies, consists of differently colored layers or bands. In the engraving process the engraver will remove lines from the top layer, revealing the layer below. This results in a beautiful contrast that can help to create vivid images on the signet ring. When onyx is used for engraving the engraving will remain a solid black. It will, however, be visible through differences in height and shine of the material, but not as clearly as an engraving on layer stone.

Monogram engravings

A monogram engraving is the engraving of initials. This type of engraving can be done in many different styles.
Below you will find several examples of monogram engravings, of course the possibilities are endless once more. If you desire to incorporate a monogram you designed yourself, or perhaps a monogram written in your personal style of handwriting, do contact us. Our staff will be ready to provide you with the estimated price for the bespoke monogram ring of your dreams.

Coat of arms or family crest engraving

The signet rings from our collection mostly lend themselves to the engraving of a coat of arms or family crest by our master engraver. Below we will provide you with some examples of coat of arms and family crest engravings along with a price estimate for each type of engraving.
As of old, the family crest is still prevalent in the western world; some are very detailed, others not so much. The details of the engraving are decisive in establishing a price estimate. Varying coats of arms will result in varying production costs. If you want to know how much an engraving of your family crest into a signet ring would cost, do contact us. Our experts are ready to provide you with a precise price estimate as soon as possible.

1 t/m 2 $ 235,- | 3 $ 395,- | 4 t/m 7 $ 419,- | 8 t/m 10 $ 515,- | 11 t/m 15 $ 635,-

Hand engraving for signet rings

If you prefer a solid gold bespoke ring without set stone but with a personalized engraving anyway, consider the hand engraving option available for most of our rings. A hand engraving is done by our master engraver with specialist engraving tools. The process requires skilled craftsmanship. The engraver creates wide and narrow ‘lanes’ in the material at different angles through creative application of his tools. These varying ‘lanes’ give a hand engraving its extra shine.

Do you want to have your name or another text engraved into your bespoke ring? Our prices range from €15.- per character. Prices for monogram engraving start at €65.- and prices for coats of arms and crests at €110.-

Engravings in the material of the ring itself

At DiamondsByMe we apply state-of-the art 3D technology to create bespoke jewelry. Because our rings are designed in 3D drawing software first, our designer is able to incorporate your choice design into the final cast. This service is available from €25.-

An enamel coating can bring your bespoke ring to live, enriching its features. The precious metal around the engraved image is cut away to make room for an enamel layer surrounding the engraving. We offer different colors of enamel.
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Custom design

Of course you could create a custom design for your bespoke signet ring. The prices you find above are just an estimate. Would you like to find out more about incorporating custom designs into your bespoke signet ring? Do contact us. In case your engraving is cut into the solid signet ring itself we do not provide the usual return service.