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Stone reset

Using your own gems in bespoke jewelry

Like using your own gold in jewelry, you can use your own gems or precious stones to customize a piece of bespoke jewelry at DiamondsByMe.
Maybe this one precious stone holds some special intrinsic value for you, maybe it carries some special meaning in your life, and that is why you want to incorporate it into a piece of bespoke jewelry.

A quality stone

There are many precious stones that contain impurities in the form of encapsulations or fracture planes. That is why it is important that we know what type of stone we are dealing with. This information is essential before we can incorporate the stone into a piece of jewelry. Whenever you set a stone into a piece of jewelry there is always a risk of the stone being damaged or even shattering, the risk is for the owner of the stone.

We work with some of the best stone setters and master goldsmiths, they apply the precision required by their trade. Still, occasionally a stone may split among the fracture plane and break. The chance of this happening is 1%, if we consider the risk any higher than that we will warn you in advance. Of course we will do our best to set the stone in your desired ring to help personalize it even more and enhance it with extra meaningfulness and exclusivity.

Your own diamond

Perhaps you found the perfect diamond during a vacation or city trip. We would love to incorporate the stone into a piece of bespoke jewelry for you.
We cannot guarantee the quality of the stone provided by the client. When we stock up on the precious stones that we offer on our online store, we know the origin of the stones and are able to warrant their quality.

Additionally we provide diamonds from 0.3 crt with a GIA or HRD certificate. We cannot provide these certifications for your own diamond. If you would like to have you own stone certified we will gladly contact one of our diamond traders to set up an appraisal.

Would you like to know how much your bespoke diamond ring will cost at DiamondsByMe? Check out the desired model and reference the stone size of the diamond you would like to have set in your bespoke jewelry. To get an accurate price estimate pick zirconia for your stone type if you already own the diamond you would like to incorporate into the design. For setting the stone we calculate a small surcharge. Inquire after a quotation.
We are, as always, at your service, and ready to help you out with any questions.

How do I get my precious stones to DiamondsByMe?

Of course that leaves us with the matter of getting the precious stone from you, the client, to our workshop, so we can incorporate it into a beautiful new piece of bespoke jewelry.
You can send us the precious stone:
Rijsdijk 146
3161 EW, Rhoon
The Netherlands

We recommend using registered shipping and getting insurance, this is, however, in no way obligatory. This shipment is at your own risk. We cannot be held accountable for the loss of the package. Of course it is possible to bring the gemstone to us in person, in case the risk involved makes mailing it too unappealing. Feel free to give us a call and let us know when you would like to drop of your precious stone, we will gladly schedule an appointment.