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An engagement ring is the most important piece of jewelry you will ever buy. It needs to show your loved one how you feel, and how much you are promising to give them over your lives together. It needs to represent you as a couple and showcase your loved one’s individual style. DiamondsByMe has an extensive collection of diamond engagement rings for the most important question you’ll ever ask.

Engagement rings are said to have been invented by the ancient Egyptians and then adopted by the ancient Greeks, but the earliest definitive evidence is from ancient Rome. Roman brides to be were presented with two rings - a gold one for in public, and a plain iron one for conducting household duties. The tradition continued through the Middle Ages; to the 1400s, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave his betrothed what is believed to be the first diamond ring; to the 1800s; and finally, the mid-20th century when marketing campaigns solidified a diamond engagement ring as the ultimate and standard in showing your love. The tradition of wearing the ring on the left hand is thought to be a reference the belief that the left ring finger contained a vein that led to the heart.

With DiamondsByMe’s unique online design process, the first of its kind in the world, you can instantly see and customize your ring. In our design studio we use 3D online modeling and 3D printing so that you can see exactly what your ring will look like, for when it must be perfect. On our website you can build your own ring with our configurator. Customize metals and stones to make the perfect ring - we don’t hold any stock, so every engagement ring is made specially to order. Perfected by you. Crafted by us.

But what kind of rings do we offer? Here we highlight some of our most popular types of engagement rings.

Solitaire engagement rings

The solitaire ring is the classic and ultimate in engagement rings. It’s the original and symbolizes a unity forever. Solitaire simply means single, or one, so it’s all about that feature central stone. Of course, there’s still a whole range of styles and variations within this standard design.

The Loretta is a classic, with a standard rounded band and brilliant cut diamond in six-prong setting. It’s all about the diamond. For a more modern take on the solitaire ring, how about something like the Rosario, with a two tone, split band, and a single round diamond suspended between them. All of our solitaire engagement rings can be customized to feature the metal of your choice.

Pavé solitaire engagement rings

If your fiancée is the type of person who would love a nice center stone, but who also likes some extra sparkles, and isn’t afraid to show them off, then you should definitely check our collection of pavé solitaire engagement rings. These gorgeous pieces are sure to catch everyone’s eye. Each beautiful center stone is carefully set and flanked by a row of smaller stones. Whether it be in the band itself or surrounded in the setting. We call it pavé style.

We have a beautiful collection of ornate, vintage style pavé solitaire designs. But if you’re in the market for something more modern, then we have those as well. Take for instance our Arlena 2 ring.

Lady Diana engagement ring

It’s the engagement ring that captured the hearts of the world and came to symbolize the ultimate fairytale wedding. It was made by the British Royal Family’s jeweler at the time, rather than being a precious heirloom, and would have been available for purchase.

The look itself is timeless, with a central, oval sapphire surrounded by a flower-shaped halo of diamonds and set on a platinum or white gold band. The bright, white colors complement the blue of the sapphire perfectly, their brilliance playing off one another. Get the look in our collection with the Leesa or Margien ranges. With DiamondsByMe, any of our halo style rings can be customized to feature a sapphire to get that classic Lady Diana engagement ring.

Kate Middleton engagement ring

One of the most famous rings in the world came to the world’s attention when it was again the symbol of a modern fairytale, being the ring with which Prince William proposed. And this ring of course first belonged to Prince William’s mother, Lady Diana. The Kate Middleton engagement ring became the ring of choice for millions. Among our collection are many designs with the central oval stone and flower halo, and you can customize any of them to feature the classic sapphire. For a modern update on the look, rings like the Elli feature a twisted band, with pave shoulders, encircling the diamond. Get the two tone look and make the central stone a sapphire for a twist on the classic Kate Middleton engagement ring, we call this style also a cluster engagement ring.

To celebrate the special connection between the two of you, there may be nothing more personal than the memoire engagement ring. The name says it all. This particular engagement ring symbolizes the memories you’ve collected throughout your time together. But it can also symbolize all the memories yet to be made. The ring defines itself by a single stone, or the row of equally sized stones.

Make it even more personal and completely your own

Now you know more about some of our most popular styles of engagement rings. But the best is yet to come. Because did you know that each and every design on our website can be altered to fit your fiancée’s personal style? With our easy-to-use online tool, you can choose the type of metal. Would she prefer yellow gold, white gold, platinum or rose gold? And if you choose gold, then you can easily choose the color and carat.

Next you can also determine what kind of gemstone you would like. We offer a wide variety of diamonds and precious stones, in different colors. Each time you revise something with our configurator, you will see the ring change right in front of you.

So, play with our different designs, and choose the engagement ring that is completely to your liking, and the dream ring of your soon to be betrothed.