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How it works


DiamondsByMe is the first Dutch website where you can create your own jewelry. Additionally DiamondsByMe only uses the latest techniques in the goldsmith's art. Because of this you can choose from our wide selection of precious metals and gemstones.

Our team of jewelry designers are working daily to design new jewelry. Our jewelry is manufactured by using the latest 3D technologies. This is really unique and it enables us to create the perfect piece of jewelry for you. This is done in much less time than a goldsmith would have normally needed, but of course at the best quality. Moreover, we offer an extensive range of almost half the price that you would normally pay in the store!

How does our jewelry configurator work?

Through our website you can directly make a choice by clicking on a picture. Do you need more information? Read more here for our step-by-step tutorial.

The overview pages

The jewelry in the main menu gives you an overview of the jewelry DiamondsByMe have designed. On the left you find a filter menu, this allows you to select from different stones or type of rings. The i button gives an explanation on various topics.

The detail page

When you click on a specific design, you end up on a page where you have the opportunity to put this ring together to your taste.


The ring chosen is available in different perspectives. These are set out in a number of pictures. By clicking on the pictures you can see the ring from all sides.

When you make changes in the menu, it will automatically change with it in the image. This way, you get a fast and realistic picture of an piece of jewelry.


The detail page contains the configurator. The configurator provides a menu with five options. By clicking on an option such as center stone, the menu pops open and you can make a choice. You can get close the menu again by clicking on this option. Another way to open the menu or close it by clicking the plus sign or the X.


The configurator always begins with the selection of the center stone. At the top you see all the gemstones that we offer. The choice may vary per ornament because not every stone is available in all sizes.
When you click on a gemstone, you will see that the image of the jewelry changes and that the price is adjusted.

Stone sizes

Tastes differ, as we are well aware at DiamondsByMe. Therefore, we offer the possibility to adjust the size of the stone.

Stone quality

When you choose a diamond or gemstone you can make a choice in quality. The quality of the diamond is standard stated on SI G. But you can also choose for VS E quality.

If you're looking for a larger diamond then 0.30 crt we also offer the possibility to choose a diamond from our database. We are connected to the diamond exchange and thus have access to the complete list of available diamonds in Europe. You can view this list by selecting the menu for diamonds. Here you will find a detailed explanation of how our database works. Want to know more about the quality of diamonds? Please go to our knowledge base

For other gems you have no choice in quality. We assure you that all our jewelry is above average quality.


The option side stones work the same as Option 1, the center stone. With side stones it involves smaller gemstones, because of this you have limited choice.


In this option you can choose in what precious metal you want your jewelry to be executed. Prefer gold or platinum? That is certainly possible, the choice is yours! A full explanation of the various precious metals here. Tip: from our experience we know that a diamond is generally more convenient in a white gold setting.

Carat Selection

In the Netherlands, the jewelry is generally made of 14-carat gold. Exclusive jewelry is often made of 18-carat gold. We'd like to leave the choice to you. 14 carat gold is generally a somewhat whiter yellow 18-carat gold. 18 carat is a deeper yellow. You can also choose 8 carat gold, this is generally white yellow. In the Netherlands, this is not referred at as gold. For example, in Germany, 9 carat gold is the standard gold content. With a heavier jewelry the choice of 8 carat can be interesting for the price.


The price quotation for our products is done on the base of international precious metal rates. It is possible that the prices of our products resulting from this fluctuate daily.


This option is only available when you compose a ring consisting of different colors precious metal. In some rings, it is even possible to accommodate more than three elements!

For it to stay a valuable piece of jewelry, we have some limitations made:

It is not possible to combine silver with gold or platinum, if we let the jewel be approved by the waarborg it is not allowed to be given a gold stamp. Gold and platinum also cannot be combined with each other.

If you choose 14-carat gold with an option, you cannot choose a different option with for example, 18-karat gold, because your jewelry would consist out of two levels. This would also cause problems with the guarantee whereby your jewelry would be stamped with the lower level.


To make a jewelry more personal, you can have it engraved by us free of charge. We have set the numbers and characters for each ring, hereby you can only give numbers and letters. We make these free engravings using a standard font with clear block letters. Of course, there are other possible engravings such as swashes or even their own handwriting. But with these options there are extra charges involved. If we place a engraving for you the jewelry cannot be returned. Of course we will still resize the ring.


If you are unsure about which ring size you have, you can have it measured by a jeweler. Another option is to ask for a ring sizer after ordering your ring.