Here you will find more background information about our jewelry, materials and gemstones.

Type rings
Rings come in many shapes and sizes. For that reason we have this page with the necessary information about the most common type of rings. Read more
Our gemstones
DiamondsByMe offers a huge range of gemstones. Stones of which you probably did not even knew existed, or what they mean. Read more about the background information behind our gemstones. Read more
About Diamonds
Everyone knows diamonds. But do you know how to distinguish a good from a bad diamond? And exactly how the price is determined? Here you will find all the information about it. Read more
About precious metals
DiamondsByMe offers a wide range of precious metals including natural gold, silver and white gold. Additionally DiamondsByMe also offers Platinum. Read more
Different settings
Gemstones can be placed in pieces of jewelry in many ways. Which variants are available? And what kind of impact does it have on the jewelry? Read more about it here. Read more
International measurements
Unfortunately, each country uses its own measurements for rings. In the Netherlands they also use two measurements. The diameter or the outlining. Read more
Have your jewelry checked at least once a year, settings of stones can wear out over time which cause the stones to fall. Here you can find extensive information on maintenance. Read more
Specific weight
We use a specific weight in order to make a calculation to determine the weight of all the jewelry we make. The specific weight can also be used to test whether something is silver or gold.  Read more
Signet ring engravings
A signet ring is a personal ring that often has been a long time in a the family and is passed on from son to son. So it is possible for a coat of arms to be place or the initials of the carrier (monogram), off course there are many other types of engravings possible.  Read more