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Personal jewelry

A beautiful piece of jewelry is often worn a lifetime and most people purchase jewels to commemorate a special occasion or moment. DiamondsByMe offers you ways to add a personal touch to your jewel. On our website you will find a vast collection of different types of jewels, which can be customized to your liking.

The jewels shown below, for example, can be customized. Because we offer numerous options to customize your jewels, they already are personal. You make it personal by choosing a color and stones. But the additional options offered by DiamondsByMe can turn a jewel into a truly unique piece!

Fingerprint jewelry

Of all additions to customize a jewel, a fingerprint probably is thé most personal. We display multiple examples of fingerprint jewels on our website. You can also have a fingerprint added to other jewels than displayed on our website. It merely has to be of reasonable width. The minimum price for adding a fingerprint is € 70,- .

Ring drawing

One of our personal favorites is adding a personal text or drawing to your ring. On this page, for example, our Fairy ring is shown. A child’s drawing is added to the ring. The drawing stands out because the ring has a smooth surface and sleek design. This obviously is merely an example of what is possible.

We can also add a personal text or drawing to your jewel. We are more than happy to assist you in creating a unique piece of jewelry.

Heartbeat rings

Nowadays you see them more often, heartbeat rings. There are various smartphone apps which record your heart rate per minute. For instance, you can have it recorded during a special moment. This moment will then be commemorated for an eternity. We also included several heartbeat rings to our website. The options are almost endless. We would love to create a ring with you which includes a heartbeat.

Did you know each stone has its own special meaning? Stones are claimed to have healing powers, and did you know your birth month is connected to a stone? So, adding your own stone can give your jewel an even more personal touch.

Birthstone jewelry

Adding colored gemstones, symbolizing your children, can also give your jewel that special personal touch. You can pick blue for a boy and pink for a girl, for instance. This way you can create a beautiful ring which represents their birth.

As you can see, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating a customized ring or jewelry. DiamondsByMe will gladly help you create a unique piece of jewelry. We show loads of different designs on our website but we would love to assist in creating you one from scratch. We often say, that our website has been created to inspire you. What we enjoy most is to create your own personal jewelry which gives you a feeling of pride and joy, and which will be worn a lifetime.