Design yourself

Personalised jewelry

The most valuable jewelry

A beautiful piece of jewelry is often bought for a special event or occasion and worn for life. DiamondsByMe can help you personalise your jewelry even more.

Below you will find a few examples of personalised pieces of jewelry:

Fingerprint jewelry

We have a number of jewelry pieces on the website with a fingerprint, but it is also possible to have a fingerprint placed on other pieces, as long as the ring has a reasonable width. You can have a fingerprint placed starting from €70,-.

An own design

A personal text of drawing can be placed in a jewelry piece. We would like to work with you to create your own unique piece of jewelry.

Heartbeat rings

You can record your heartbeat to have this immortalised in a ring. Nowadays it is possible to record your heartbeat through an application on your phone or through an ECG at your doctor.

Birth jewelry

Have you considered designing rings for your children or for the birth of your children, through the use of different gems?