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Some memories are so special and remarkable, that you want to keep them as close as possible. With keepsake jewelry like the memoire ring you can do just that. A memoire ring, also called eternity ring, therefore is a very special gift to receive, and to give. It is a subtle lady's ring with diamond. The rings contains of gemstones all set next to each other in the same setting. They all have the same size. The continuing line of diamonds and gemstones embody everlasting love. Therefor this is a very special ring, often for mothers, and one of the most perfect keepsake jewels.

Memoire meaning

A memoire ring means a lot to the person wearing it, and to the person giving the ring. The word 'memoire' is a French word and means memory.
Scriptures containing a person's memories are therefor usually called memoires. A personal memoire ring fulfills this meaning. A stunning and sparkling lady's ring with diamond next to a wedding ring not only is beautiful, but it also remembers you of that most special moment of your life, like an anniversary.

Remembrance jewelry: our memoire rings

A memoire ring is one of the most beautiful pieces of remembrance jewelry and jewelry for mothers. In our collection of lady's rings with diamond or other precious stones, you will find these gorgeous remembrance jewels in various shapes. You can choose from rings with prong settings or rail settings. A ring that is fully set with gemstones is called a full memoire ring or eternity ring. A ring containing 3, 5, 7 or 9 stones next to each other is called a half memoire ring.

You can have the memoire ring set with diamonds, giving you a beautiful sparkling lady's ring with diamond. But the thing we often see is diamonds combined with other precious stones, to which a new stone is added each year. Each month has a birthstone. A ring with a gemstone therefor is a perfect memoire. Opt for a royal blue sapphire if you are born in September, or if you want to remember this month.

Mother jewelry

What will you give the woman whom has given you everything? This must be something special, from the heart, matching the love you received from her and something she can wear for the rest of her life. Mother's Day is thé perfect day to give mom a unique and special keepsake jewel. Or her birthday! Here we compiled some ideas for mother jewelry that fully express the meaning of memoire:

  • If you are with more than one it might be a nice idea to give her a ring containing different gemstones symbolizing each of your birth months. The different colors not only look nice and playful, but your mother this way will always carry a palpable memory of your births in the shape of a ring.
  • If you were an only child and you wish to give her a memoire ring to remember you by, then you can opt for a fully set memoire ring with which the diamond and your birthstone have been alternately set. The shimmer of the diamonds will enhance the colorful sparkle of the gemstone even more and vice versa. Opt for a citrin if November is your month of birth.
  • The memoire rings can be even more personalized by adding something unique like a fingerprint (for rings 4 mm wide and more) or a certain text. This will make your memory even more personal!

Memoire wedding rings

A memoire ring is also a very beautiful wedding ring. It can also be beautifully worn next to a wedding ring. Like a wedding ring, a memoire ring is leveled. That way it surely will fit nicely next to the wedding ring, giving your wedding ring an even more luxurious charisma.

Full memoire wedding rings are beautiful, but consider the option of a half memoire wedding ring as a memory to the happiest moment of your life. Increasingly popular among young couples is a memoire wedding ring with a single stone, or may be just a few.

Saying 'I do' is only a small part of your life together, filled with happy moments. For all these moments, an extra stone can be added to the ring. For instance, add a stone with each anniversary, and give yourself the everlasting memory of the birth of a son or daughter, by adding their birthstones.

Design your own ring

With the help of our menu you can personalize your own memoire ring or wedding ring. Adjust the precious metal or the stones to match your taste. The image will change accordingly. This will give you a good idea of the look of your ring, once our artisan goldsmiths have created it for you.