Signet rings

A long tradition now available at DiamondsByMe

A long tradition now available at DiamondsByMe
A signet ring is a ring that has existed for a long time. It is a personal ring that has often been long in a family and is passed on from father to son. A family crest or initials of the person can be placed (monogrammed) in the stone or metal of the ring. Of course there are many other types of engravings possible. Signet rings come in two types. Rings that are made entirely out of gold, and in which an engraving is set or a signet ring in which a stone has been placed and where the stone is cut.

At DiamondsByMe we only make solid signet rings, a signet ring should be strong enough to at least last a generation. The ring is often a personal memory of a special moment or a means of ensuring the arms of a family. Making a signet ring is a real craft. Our goldsmiths have many years of experience in making the best signet rings. A good signet ring is made of solid gold at which metal is used to put the stone in a sleek setting.

Engravings for signet rings with stones

With us you can choose signet rings with different stones such as Blue Sardonyx and onyx. The stones we work with can be engraved with initials (monogram) or a family crest. The engraving of these stones is a skill that very few people can do. To ensure quality, we only work with engravers who have years of experience. With an engraving in an onyx carving the engraving remains completely black. A Blue Sardonyx is blue on the top and black at the bottom. If you place an engraving in a blue sardonyx you get a beautiful contrast because the black layer then emerges at the top.

Monogram Engraving
A monogram engraving is an engraving of the initials. These monogram engravings come in many different styles. A monogram ring from our collection is made solid in which the stone is securely set and does not break down as quickly. Below we give you some examples of monogram engravings to choose from. The engravings 1 to 6 costs 150 Euros each. Engraving 7 costs 400 Euros. Do you have another idea for a monogram? Please contact us so we can make an offer for you.

1 t/m 6 – € 150 7 – € 400

The coat of Arm Engravings
The signet rings with blue sardonyx from our collection can all be engraved with these arm engravings. Here we give an overview to give you a quote. Traditionally, there are coats of arms. Some arms are very detailed and some a lot less. The details of the engraving will determine the cost. For each family arm the price will be different. Do you want to know the exact cost to engrave your arm in a ring? Please contact us! Our specialist engravers will make an offer for you.

11 – € 240 15 – € 300 19 – € 460
12 – € 270 16 – € 370 20 – € 460
13 – € 300 17 – € 370 21 – € 690
14 – € 300 18 – € 370  

Hand engravings for signet rings

Do you prefer a massive signet ring without a stone, but with hand engraving? A hand engraving can be placed in almost every ring from our collection. A hand engraving is something very personal. A hand engraver uses a special cutting tool too remove lines from the gold. Because he plays with the sides of the 'cutter' the engraver creates wide and narrow lanes. Wide lanes are also called lustre lines because they give extra shine to the engraving.

Do you want to engrave a name or other text in a ring? This costs about 15, - per letter.
A monogram in a signet ring is from 65 and up - and a arm engraving is from 110, - and up.

Engravings directly in the ring

At DiamondsByMe we work with an innovative 3D technology to manufacture our jewelry. A ring is initially drawn in a 3D design program, which is then printed and cast. As a result, we have the ability to process a direct engraving in the drawing, so that this will be included in the cast. This allows us to offer an engraving for a very attractive price. So you can have a personal monogram placed in a signet ring from 25, -

You can also have a personal text placed in a ring. Possibly even in your own handwriting. Ask for the possibility and we will send you a free quote

An additional option is to finish the ring with enamel. The precious metal surrounding the monogram is then removed, after which the ring is filled with enamel. This will give the signet ring a rich look. We have different colors enamel in our range.

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Of course everything is possible, if you have your own design please send it to us! All prices are purely indicative. Curious about all the possibilities? Please contact us. If a engraving is set in a signet ring, the ring can not be returned