Ring variations

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Solitaire ring

This type of ring is commonly used as an engagement ring. The setting is generally a prong-setting in 4 or 6 legs. A timeless model that appeals to almost every woman. A prong-setting is open. This ensures the light exposure for an optimum brilliance of the stone. To attract attention to the stone, it is placed high on the ring.

3 stone ring

This is a ring with three stones in a row, usually the central stone is the largest. The prongs are made of wire, this allows the stones to show more of themselves. This ensures an optimal brilliance. The three stones ring is often the symbol of the past, the presents and the future. This loving ring symbolizes the time you have spent together and the time that will come.

Ring with sidestones

With this ring there are often multiple stones placed at the sides of the central stone. For an extra luxurious look, we recommend to place a colored gem in the middle surrounded by smaller diamonds in a different color. This makes the central stone stand out even more.

Eternity ring

An eternity ring consists of all the same size, placed stones in the same setting. There are several options when composing your eternity ring. For example you can decide how many gemstones, which gemstones, and what color you want. Another name for this type of ring is the mémoire ring.

Halo ring – Lady Di ring

With this type of ring we have a center stone which has small stones set around it. This may in some cases be several rows of stones. All of these stones together gives you such a brilliance that it looks like you are wearing a big diamond. The stones are often put through a network of wires which form prongs for setting. A particularly difficult ring for a goldsmith to make.

Pavé ring

In a pave ring several small stones are placed next to each other in rows. This ring can also be worn in addition to a wedding ring. Pave rings are currently very popular.

Signet rings

For the men, we have signet rings in our collection. A signet ring is a real craft product. The signet rings that are made by our goldsmiths of excellent quality.