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    We all know about diamonds and their incomparable place when it comes to engagement and wedding rings. But what about the metal that signifies the best of the best, the ultimate, for the most important pieces of jewelry you’ll ever exchange? Platinum wedding rings are becoming the standard to match the brilliance of a diamond engagement ring and to symbolize the strength of forever. Let DiamondsByMe be your guide on that journey with our exclusive collection.

    Many think of platinum as a relatively modern metal as compared to gold and silver, but traces have been found as far back as 700 BC. It is merely its popularity as a metal for jewelry which is newer. The word ‘platinum’ actually comes from the Spanish word for silver, plata, as early panners thought it was a type of silver. However, in the 1800s, platinum’s strength and potential uses were discovered, but this did mean that it was commandeered for many purposes other than jewelry during the 19th and 20th centuries. In fact, the alloy palladium was developed to provide a stand-in under these circumstances.

    Nowadays, platinum stands tall alongside gold as the metal of choice for wedding rings. Using our specialist online design tools, it’s easy to see how your chosen designs will look as platinum wedding rings. With one click you can change and compare metals and stones, ensuring your treasured gifts to each other are as unique as your bond.

    Platinum wedding bands with diamonds

    Platinum diamond wedding rings have been a classic combination since the late 20th century, when the metal began to join gold as the classic choice for these pieces of jewelry. With its rise in popularity, platinum brought its natural partner, the diamond along with it. Platinum wedding bands with diamonds bring a touch of extra glamor; it doesn’t have to stop at your engagement ring. Recently we added the sustainable lab grown diamonds to our gemstone selection. We think this is a very beautiful nice affordable new stone.

    Classic styles in our collection include pave diamonds, with their rows of uniform, consecutive stones within, on the side of, or one of several bands of the ring like eternity wedding bands. Platinum wedding bands with diamonds can also have a central stone in tribute to your engagement ring, or some spaced out around the band as a subtle hint of brilliance.

    Platinum wedding bands for women

    Any and all our extensive, exclusive collection of rings can be created in this precious metal. Platinum wedding bands for women are one of the most beautiful ways to symbolize your bond and provide a companion to your engagement ring.

    Styles we particular love in platinum bands for women are modern brushed designs, lined with diamonds on the side of the band for some subtle glamor; or overlapping, twisted bands including engraving and pave diamonds. Platinum wedding bands for women can also look beautiful with subtle hints of diamond to complement your engagement ring.

    Men’s platinum diamond wedding bands

    Men’s wedding rings are traditionally quite plain, but DiamondsByMe has a range of subtle and stylish ways to personalize and embellish your men’s platinum wedding band. Diamonds are the perfect way to do this, matching and complementing the bright white of the metal as they do.

    Platinum wedding ring sets

    A feature of our wedding bands that we’re particularly proud of is that all our designs come in pairs, for the perfect platinum wedding ring sets.

    You can choose complementary styles, which mirror stylish hints such as stone patterns or engraving; or choose a more ornate style for the ladies’ ring and a more plain style for the men’s. Some of our favorite ways to bring your shared bond to your platinum wedding ring sets is with our fingerprint engraving. With just high-resolution photos of your fingerprints, we can resize, place and engrave the images onto your rings with a combination of our innovative and traditional goldsmith techniques. This is a beautiful way to carry a piece of each other with you at all times. Other ways to achieve this effect are with our split rings, which are made to look as though they are two halves of the same whole; or those with handwriting engraved messages or a heartbeat representation.