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Bespoke Jewelry

Design your own ring

Turn your dreams into a unique piece of jewelry with DiamondsByMe!

Do you have an idea of your own, and would you like our designers to turn that idea into a beautiful piece of jewelry? Then DiamondsByMe is the place to be. We will gladly advise you with our extensive knowledge, and help you realize the jewel of your dreams!

The design process


1. Consult our expert

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2. Convert your design into 3D – visualize

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3. Let our master goldsmiths do their magic

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4. Receive your personal piece of jewelry

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1. Consult our expert

In the first phase of your design process we work closely together with you to better understand your wishes regarding the jewel of your dreams. It would be nice if you could send us a clear sketch or a couple of images of jewels which resemble yours. This need not be a Picasso masterpiece, because our experts have obtained information from you already. They know what to do in order to create the right design.

Here are a couple of questions our team of designers will surely ask:

What material/ Which materials would you like your jewel to be made of?
Would you like to include your own stone in your jewel?
What type of gemstones do you have in mind?
What size ring band do you prefer?
Would you like your jewel engraved?

After collecting the information we need, we will give you a price estimate before our master goldsmiths start creating your jewel. You might call it a guesstimated price. It can vary slightly because the design changes sometimes during the creation of your jewel. If this is the case, we will inform you first.

2. Convert your design into 3D – visualize

Time to bring your design to reality! If you agree with our design fee, then our specialized designers will start creating a 3D design, a so called 'render' of your personal design. The image(s) of your design will show the smallest details in the desired materials. The definitive design fee will depend on the time our designers will work on your design. The 3D drawing will be sent to you by email after +/- 8 working days.

This render will give you a perfect image of what your jewel will look like in the end. Based on this image, you are able to either give us the go ahead or inform us on necessary changes.

Are you thrilled about your design? After giving us the go ahead, we will create a 3D print. This is a detailed grey colored plastic dummy of your ring. It will be the correct size and will have the size gemstones you requested. With help of this dummy, costing only 19 $, you will be able to take a good look at your design, as well as trying it on before actually ordering it and having it created by us.

3. Let our master goldsmiths do their magic

How exciting! Finally, our master goldsmiths will start the process of converting your personal design into reality. Don’t fret, your design is safe with us. We care deeply about finishing our jewelry detailed and precise.

It may take longer than the usual 12 business days to create your jewel. That is, if we need to order a special gemstone or look for one, or if you would like to have it laser engraved. It goes without saying that we will consult you first.

4. Receive your personal piece of jewelry

The moment you receive your personal design is very close!

Our team packs each jewel with care by hand, in a beautiful luxury box. Not only that, with each purchase at DiamondsByMe you will receive a handwritten certificate. On this certificate you will find important details like the used metals, the type, number and quality of the stones. Our jewels with diamonds of 0,3 carat or more are also accompanied by a GIA quality certificate.

Would you like to track your jewel during shipment? You will receive your tracking code as soon as your purchase ships.

Did you receive your personal designed jewel? Then go ahead and share! Each jewel is lovingly created by hand, and we look forward to hear how you like it.

made with love. perfected by you. crafted by us.

Step into our atelier

Do you have a question?

No worries, we understand that designing a piece of jewelry piece yourself is exciting and we that this comes with questions.

Our designers are here to help you and can be reached via our chat, email or on 010-747 00 00.

Good luck with creating your ultimate dream jewel.

"For special moments you want to wear something special. We can take care of that. "

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