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Create your own custom cufflinks, and make your statement. Suitable for special occasions like weddings and cocktail parties. Or simply for the gentleman with flair.

For the finishing touch to your smart attire, accessorize with our elegant collection of handmade custom cufflinks for men. The correct way to accessorize any smart outfit. The most stylish jewelry to add polish to any formal attire, artisan cufflinks are the ultimate accessory for men.
The proper way to finish any suit, a sophisticated pair of personalized cufflinks is an instant way to bring a touch of style and taste to your attire.

Why buy cufflinks?

Worn by men who take pride in their appearance, the popularity of cufflinks for men lies in their multiple functions.
Sophisticated and glamorous, cufflinks for men bring an individual quality to your formal wear, whilst ensuring that your shirt cuffs are properly fastened.
Cufflinks in gold, platinum or silver at DiamondsByMe, are a timeless investment piece that will never lose their appeal.
A versatile accessory, wear your personalized cufflinks daily, or treasure for formal occasions.

About men’s cufflinks

Stand out from the rest with our collection of exclusive cufflinks available in platinum, gold or silver settings. With the option to create custom cufflinks to your exacting tastes at DiamondsByMe, you can be sure that you will have a unique pair that are guaranteed to impress. All popular gemstones like diamonds and sapphire kan be set in the cufflinks.

Our stunning range of custom cufflinks for men at DiamondsByMe, are a great way to personalize and upgrade any outfit.
A smart luxury purchase, we have handmade cufflinks set in gold, white gold or silver in a range of styles. Keep it classic with round and square styles, or add extra flair with our latest range of more unusual shapes.

From modern to vintage, classic simplicity to more intricate detailing, precious stones, embossed initials and engravings, at DiamondsByMe all our designs are fully customizable. More than that, DiamondsByMe is registered with the Responsible Jewelry Council. This means that all the precious metals and gemstones we carry do not affect the environment or society in a negative way. For more information on our metals and precious stones, please refer to our education center.

Create your custom cufflinks in seconds

See your personalized cufflinks develop on screen, as you create your custom design. Customize your handmade cufflinks with your choice of metals, precious stones, engravings and more.
For a classic choice, and a luxurious, refined finish, choose a gold setting for your cufflinks.
Custom cufflinks for modern men with great style and exquisite taste.

How to put on cufflinks
  • Slip the cufflink through the two holes on the cuff of your formal shirt. (If the shirt has a French cuff, don’t forget to fold the cuff back first so that you have two layers.
  • Holding the two open sides of the cuff together, slip the cufflink through both holes.
  • Still holding the cufflink in the cuff, use your other hand to push the toggle at the end of the cufflink so that it flicks out, fastening the cufflink securely in place.
  • If you have a fixed-back, chain-link or whale- back cufflink, there is no toggle, simply slip the cufflink through the hole and fasten.

Create your own personalized cufflinks today, and make a statement people will not forget.

Our collection of cufflinks expands on a regular basis, so there will surely be a pair that fits your wishes. However, if you seek something truly unique, then our team of goldsmiths is more than happy to help you design your own pair of custom made cufflinks. Simply contact us to discuss your options, and who knows... Maybe someday soon you will be wearing a pair of cufflinks like the world has never seen!

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