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Drop earrings have an elegant timelessness about them. They have the movement and style of longer, dangling earrings, while maintaining the simplicity and minimalism of studs. With that in mind, they suit everyone and they’re a versatile style which works with all types of metals, stones and shapes.

Earrings are one of the oldest known forms of jewelry, being seen throughout history in the Bronze Age, Egyptian times and on William Shakespeare himself. They became an essential fashion item in the 19th and 20th centuries, with drop earrings really taking off in the 1920s. The Art Deco style of this period lends itself well to the delicate elegance of drop earrings, and during this time the style was for earrings with movement, that could be seen underneath the popular short hair of the time. The shapes themselves were actually influenced by those of the Aztec and Egyptian times due to the digs that were going on at the time!

At DiamondsByMe, our extensive collection of drop earrings have one of our most diverse ranges of styles among all our jewelry. Once you’ve chosen the designs you like, use our online design tool, the first of its kind in the Netherlands, to instantly see what your choice of metals and stones will look like. Alternatively, choose the features you like and allow our system to show you the matching ranges to help you decide. Immediately compare your color choices against the other designs. Once you’ve picked the drop earrings you like, our team will use innovative and traditional goldsmith processes to make your earrings to order - we don’t maintain any stock at our dedicated studio. All our pieces really are perfected by you, crafted by us.

Pearl drop earrings

Pearls have been used in jewelry as early as 2300 BC, being a naturally-occurring, and once-abundant, yet beautiful material. They have always been seen as a precious status symbol, especially in early Roman times. Pearl drop earrings particularly evoke the style of the 1920s that the style is famous for.

The classic look of a pearl drop earring is a teardrop-shaped pearl, simply hanging from the stud attachment to showcase its beauty. However, the pearl stud is also a classic, so this too can be incorporated into the drop earring design. Or why not a chain of hanging pearls for even more movement and style?

Diamond drop earrings

A pair of diamond earrings is a timeless gift to be treasured forever, and they never go out of style. In a drop style, there’s nothing quite like the brilliance of an elegant and delicate diamond, moving and catching the light. Even in the simplest style, diamond drop earrings look luxurious and go with everything.

DiamondsByMe’s range of diamond drop earrings is extensive and varied, with all our designs available in any metal that you choose. One of our favorite classic styles is the Marlotte range, with their princess cut diamond, surrounded by tiny diamonds; or the Dahlias, with their tiny diamond stars for instant brilliance. We love these designs in rose gold, platinum, yellow gold or white gold, to complement the bright white shine of the diamonds, but gold and diamond earrings bring some old fashioned glamor.

Teardrop earrings

There’s nothing like a pair of teardrop earrings. They’re the perfect example of the delicate brilliance of the drop earring, with their tapered shape and simplicity. Our range contains many examples of this elegant style, such as the Beverlee, Laurie or the Susannah - which includes an extra gem on the stud piece. A style without a gem that we also love are the Idalia, with their intricate and exotic cut metal, teardrop design.

Crystal drop earrings

As well as diamonds, there’s nothing like adding some color to your style with crystal drop earrings with the stone of your choice. You can choose a one stone design such as Cleo in peridot or citrine, or something more varied like the Ladawn, with two different stones connected by a chain. We love pairing sapphire and diamond, or emerald and garnet.

White gold drop earrings

White gold drop earrings complement the brilliance and lightness of drop earrings, and match all stone colors. A simple yet effective way to add extra shine to white gold drop earrings is to add a row of stones to the hook, however narrow and however tiny the stones, as these will catch the light too. We also love this look in bolder styles such as the Barbar, with a thicker hoop, covered with pave stones, and a drop stone surrounded with diamonds.