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Platinum Drop Earrings: sheer luxury

If you think of lavish and luxurious jewelry, then no doubt platinum and diamonds will spring to mind. These two rare natural materials are the dream of every woman when it comes to jewelry. Whether it be earrings set with a single diamond, or an intricate design with pavé set diamonds. Here at DiamondsByMe we offer exquisite platinum drop earrings designs in various styles, each set with beautiful sparkling diamonds.

Design your own Platinum Drop Earrings

We understand in these modern times, you will want a personal and unique pair of earrings, to match your unique personality. Therefore, we created an easy-to-use online tool with which you can design and build your own platinum drop earrings. Each part of the earrings can be altered. Choose the type of metal you prefer. Select your center stones, then the side stones, and see the design change right in front of you. For some types of earrings, it is even possible to alter the size of the center stone. So, if you like a certain design but would like it to be a bit more subtle, then choose a smaller stone size. However, if you would like to make a statement with your drop earrings, then opt for a larger stone size. With each alteration the price of your drop earrings will change accordingly, making it easy for you to keep your budget in check, while you create your own pair of exclusive earrings.

Altering the precious metal

For most of our earrings designs, DiamondsByMe offers you a choice of three metals: silver, gold and platinum.
You will see with our configurator, that a pair of platinum drop earrings will look very different when altered to yellow or rose gold. That’s what makes our online tool this great. Maybe you will find you like another color better for your earrings.

Perhaps having your drop earrings made of platinum may exceed your budget somewhat. Then you will be happy to know you can opt for white gold drop earrings instead of platinum ones. Less expensive, but with the same luxuriousness and class.

About our precious stones

A stunning pair of platinum drop earrings of course isn’t complete without some gorgeous gemstones. DiamondsByMe offers you a wide collection of diamonds and other precious stones. For most designs it is even possible to opt for a combination of two different precious stones. Although a set of platinum drop earrings with diamonds is of course stunning, we would like to point out to you the combination of platinum, diamonds and sapphire. This deep-blue precious stone is even rarer than diamond!
And if you were born in September and would like to indulge yourself with a pair of earrings, then the sapphire is the stone for you.
We offer many other precious gemstones, so if you are in the market for a pair of birthstone earrings, then check our collection. And if by chance your personal birthstone is not on offer, contact us and we will see what we can do for you!

The precious stone we specialize in, is the diamond. The hardest stone in the world, that can only be cut by another diamond. We offer three different diamond qualities: SI, VS and VVS of which VVS is top quality. And for those thinking of Mother Earth: we also offer lab grown diamonds!
A pair of diamond earrings will surely be highly appreciated as a special gift, because after all: diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Custom designed Drop Earrings

Although we have no doubt you will find the platinum drop earrings of your dreams in our online collection, you may have a certain idea for a design in mind. A very personal, custom design that you would like to create. No problem! Our team of experts are ready for you! Our designers and goldsmiths like challenges and will be happy to assist you in making the platinum drop earrings of your dreams a reality.
The process works as follows:

  • You send our customer service department an email containing your wishes for a custom design. Add as many details as possible, and maybe even a small sketch of what you have in mind.
  • Our customer service will make an estimate of the costs based on your wishes.
  • After that, our designers will start creating you a 3D render of your design. As soon as this is ready, you will receive the render with the price quotation.
  • If you agree on the design and order your piece of jewelry, our goldsmiths will start making your jewel by hand.
  • After carefully checking everything is okay, your platinum drop earrings will be shipped to you.
  • You will enjoy wearing your custom designed platinum drop earrings for a lifetime!

It’s as easy as this. So, if you have a specific idea in mind, do not hesitate to contact us, and discuss the possibilities of your own bespoke earrings!