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White gold drop earrings

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Stud earrings
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Drop earrings
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Dreaming of a beautiful pair of handmade white gold drop earrings? Then check our collection and start building your own unique pair!

Build your own White Gold Drop Earrings

Creating your own jewelry was never this easy. Choose any white gold drop earring design you see in our collection and start building your own. You have complete freedom to change the precious metal, the color and type of stone. With some designs it is even possible to alter the stone size. With each alteration, you will see the image change before your eyes.

If you wish to know the dimensions of the white gold drop earrings you created, simply click on the protractor above the earring’s image. No matter the stone size you chose, you will see the dimensions accordingly.

Precious metal options

When you start building your own pair of drop earrings, you will have a choice of precious metals. We offer silver, gold and platinum drop earrings.

Within our range of gold, we offer yellow gold drop earrings, white gold and rose gold.
White gold will make for lavish, classic earrings, while rose gold drop earrings will add a modern twist to any traditional looking design.
Check each gold color in your design, and you soon will be able to determine which color best suits your personal taste and style.

Our diamonds and other precious stones

DiamondsByMe. The name says it all. We specialize in creating handmade jewelry with precious stones. Diamonds in particular. We pride ourselves in hand-picking all our precious stones, and only settle for the best stones available.
The diamonds we offer are all certified by the Kimberley Process, meaning they were sourced from conflict-free mines. We offer a range of SI, VS and VVS quality diamonds, all wearing the XXXN status. But what does this mean? XXXN means the diamonds are excellent in symmetry, polish and proportions and are none fluorescent.

The qualities:

  • SI means the diamonds have small flaws, which are visible to the naked eye.
  • VS means very small inclusions. To the naked eye they appear flawless. Only if you use a magnifying glass will you see the flaws.
  • VVS are diamonds with very very small flaws. Meaning the flaw will only be visible when examined using a glass with 10x magnification. And only to the skilled diamond grader.

Furthermore, we offer lab grown diamonds. These are genuine diamonds. The only difference with the natural ones is the lab grown diamond was created in a laboratory, and they cost less than their natural siblings. Something to consider when you build your own diamond earrings.


Of course, we also offer a beautiful collection of other gemstones, like blue, yellow and pink sapphire, ruby and emerald. Opt for your birthstone for an even more personal touch to your exclusive earrings. More about birthstones and their meaning can be found in our online education center.

Custom designed White Gold Drop Earrings

Now if you wish to step it up a notch, and have a pair of completely unique drop earrings seen nowhere else, then you have the option of our bespoke earrings service.
Tell us your wishes, and we will make you an estimate of the costs, a design, and ultimately an exquisite pair of custom-made white gold drop earrings.

Drop Earrings created by DiamondsByMe

If you order a pair of drop earrings, only then will we start creating them. Each set of earrings is carefully handmade by one of our artisan goldsmiths. These goldsmiths each have proven themselves in their trade and can rely on years of experience. They will only settle for the best quality and materials, and check each piece carefully before handing it over to our customer service department.
After your earrings have been created, our customer service will do a final check before shipping your drop earrings. This assures you of a pair of white gold drop earrings created by the highest standards.

Furthermore, each piece of jewelry we ship will be accompanied by the following:

  • A luxury jewelry box
  • A polishing cloth
  • A handwritten certificate wearing the name of your goldsmith, and the specifics of your earrings
  • A return form
  • If you purchase earrings with a white diamond center stone of 0,3 carats or heavier, you will also receive a GIA or HRD certificate. This is also the case with lab created diamonds

And of course, you will enjoy our 60 days return policy (custom designs excluded), and our lifetime warranty program. Learn more about these benefits on our customer service pages and start building your own unique pair of white gold drop earrings today!