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3-Stone Rings

3-stone rings are highly symbolic and a popular choice for engagements, milestone anniversaries and special birthdays. Traditionally, the large centre stone is a beautifully colourful gemstone, which features a smaller, glistening diamond on either side, helping to showcase the stunning natural beauty. Meaning varies from person to person, with some believing the three stones have religious connotations whilst others use them as a symbol to represent what you have learnt from your past, how you live in the present and what you hope for in the future as a couple.

Regardless of your personal interpretation, 3-stone rings are a highly romantic choice for any occasion and can be made entirely to suit your loved one through an extensive choice of designs and styles, a wide range of beautiful natural gemstones and the most popular precious metals for an exclusive finish. Our selection of beautiful 3-stone ring designs are claw or channel-set and range from traditional, simple styles to glamorous Art Deco looks, helping you to achieve the finish that your loved one will be proud to wear daily.

You may be as creative as you please in selecting the perfect 3-stone ring. Our online tools allow you to change the precious metals used as well as the diamonds and gemstones featured in any of our designs until you’re happy with the 3-stone ring you’ve created. For added peace of mind, DiamondsByMe are incredibly proud to be members of the Responsible Jewellery Council. This guarantees that your 3-stone ring has been made using only ethically sourced precious metals and diamonds to ensure high quality and fair treatment.

Give a Beautiful, Symbolic 3 Stone Engagement Ring

A 3 stone engagement ring is a wonderful alternative to a diamond solitaire, featuring the same high levels of symbolism and commitment and remaining a classic choice. Also known as a trilogy ring, the centre stone is usually the largest of the three, expressing the importance of enjoying the present together as a couple. Favoured by royalty, the 3 stone engagement ring is a timeless design which will never go out of fashion, making it an excellent choice for your future bride.

Our vast selection of design styles allow you to select a 3 stone engagement ring specially to suit your loved one’s unique tastes. However, if you prefer, DiamondsByMe also offer an exclusive bespoke service where our expert team of jewellers can create a one-off design, made entirely to your specification at a highly-affordable and competitive price.

Select from Stunning 3-Stone Promise Rings

Our 3-stone promise rings are perfect to make an everlasting, personal commitment to your significant other, with designs which range from the simply classic to the modern and extravagant. With each ring made to order and formed in silver, gold or platinum, you can ensure your partner receives a beautiful, thoughtful piece of jewellery which suits your budget and can be worn daily forevermore.

Opt for three stunning diamonds for an exclusive choice or select a colourful precious stone as the centre for a unique statement piece. To make your 3-stone promise ring more delicate and feminine, DiamondsByMe also offer styles with patterned and diamond-set shoulders and bands which can be engraved with a personal message for a thoughtfully unique gift.

The Perfect 3-Stone Eternity Ring to Last Forever

The versatile 3-stone ring is the ideal mark of eternity, with countless possibilities to create a timeless piece of jewellery for your wife or significant other. Covering half of the band, a 3-stone eternity ring can be made to suit any budget featuring classic stones such as diamonds or cubic zirconia, three colourful precious stones or any mixture of the two. Each natural gemstone holds a unique meaning when gifted as jewellery, from faithfulness to passion, allowing you to create a 3-stone eternity ring which means something to you.

Selecting three diamonds or precious stones of the same size also gives a uniform appearance, consistent with the idea of forever and marking your future together as a couple perfectly.

Gorgeous Entourage rings and Cluster Settings

If you favour the look of a large centre stone as a focal point, entourage rings are another beautiful design to consider. Usually featuring a large, colourful gemstone such as a sapphire, emerald or ruby, this is then surrounded by several smaller stones, often creating a floral or cluster ring look. Diamonds are the ideal choice as the smaller stones, beautifully compliment the deep, dazzling colour of the natural centre piece.

Our gorgeous entourage ring designs include the traditional oval shape, beautifully feminine floral looks and highly unique modern base styles to give you inspiration for the perfect piece. As with any of our stunning pieces of jewellery, you also have the option to create a bespoke entourage ring for a truly unique gift.