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Cluster rings are the perfect choice for those looking for something a little different, offering plenty of sparkle and a beautiful choice of shapes. This style of ring is formed using several precious stones of the same or a similar size, set neatly together to form an overall shape or cluster. DiamondsByMe have a vast selection of beautiful cluster rings for you to choose from, customizing to suit your tastes by selecting the gemstones and precious metals used in the creation. We never hold stock of our cluster rings, each is individually made to order, allowing you the freedom to have full input in the finished look, for an exclusive piece of jewelry.

DiamondsByMe are proud to be members of the Responsible Jewelry Council, so you can be safe in the knowledge that all our diamonds and precious metals have been responsibly sourced. You can select any of our cluster ring styles as a base design and edit as much as you like, whether you are looking for a classic round diamond cluster ring or an exclusive cluster ring with sapphire, filled with the beautiful colors of our other gemstones. We offer a wide variety of precious stones, so feel free and explore your possibilities. How about a beautiful blue topaz, or a ruby? Or if your mind is set on a sapphire, then think of the various options here. Not only do we offer blue sapphires, but also pink and yellow ones. The yellow sapphire especially is something extraordinary.

Each can then be set in silver, yellow gold, white gold or rose gold or platinum for an exclusive cluster ring which will suit your style as well as your budget. One of the most famous cluster rings is the Lady Diana Ring or Kate Middleton ring.

Exclusive Diamond Cluster Rings

Exclusive diamond cluster rings are becoming a popular choice of style for engagement rings. Clusters contain several smaller stones, often giving the illusion of being larger and more glamorous than diamond solitaire rings, which allows you to select a more extravagant look for a more affordable price. Each individual stone will catch the light, ensuring a beautiful, sparkling finish which the special lady in your life is sure to love.

DiamondsByMe have a range of beautiful diamond cluster rings designs to suit any woman, ranging from the classic to the luxurious and everything in between. However, if you’d prefer, we also offer an exclusive bespoke jewelry service, allowing you create the perfect ring from scratch. Our highly-experienced jewelers work with your ideas and sketches to product a completely unique diamond cluster ring for a highly personal and unique gift. As we create each of our rings individually anyway, we can offer this luxury service at an affordable and competitive price.

Unique Flower Engagement Rings

One of the most popular shapes is the cluster engagement ring with a floral appearance. Several small diamonds or precious stones are placed together to make a gorgeous floral shape, for a delicate and feminine touch. Our flower engagement ring styles include flower halos, using a larger center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds, as well as flower clusters, with each of the stones being a similar size to create an overall floral shape. Whichever cluster ring is right for you and your bride-to-be, you can customize the finish by opting for white gold, gold or platinum cluster rings and selecting traditional diamonds or beautifully colored precious stones.

Beautiful Riviera Engagement Rings

Riviera engagement rings feature micro pavé diamonds for a stunning, glitzy look. By using smaller diamonds, you cannot only choose to have diamond-set shoulders for an exclusive touch, you can also have tiny diamonds cushioned in the metal setting, ensuring the most glamorous finish. If you are looking to buy a riviera engagement ring, our expert jewelers can work with you to find a design which will allow for this unique practice, also ensuring you end up with a piece of unique jewelry which you love.

A Gold Cluster Ring by DiamondsByMe

By choosing a platinum or gold cluster ring from DiamondsByMe, you are sure you will have something unique to give her. Just as unique as she is.

Simply go ahead and start designing. If we may give you some piece of advice? Think of a combination of two colors of gold. For instance, a yellow gold band with a white gold setting. This will not only make for a stunning engagement ring, but your betrothed will also be able to combine the color of the precious metal easily with other jewelry she wears.