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Exclusive Engagement Rings

Selecting an engagement ring to suit your partner is one of the most important things you’ll need to do in your relationship. Of course, you’ll want a ring of the highest quality that fits within your budget, featuring the finest materials, durable metals and a design which will stand the test of time. Each bride is completely individual and DiamondsByMe appreciate that each exclusive engagement ring will feature its own little quirks and differences to suit. For this reason, we never hold stock of any of our engagement rings, each is custom made to order for an exclusive finish.

This allows us to offer you the unique opportunity to create non-conventional engagement rings or traditional designs which feature the precious metals and gemstones of your choice. DiamondsByMe are also members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, ensuring we only ever use Fairtrade gold and ethically sourced diamonds for added peace of mind. As well as fully customisable base designs of every style, our team of highly-skilled jewellers can work with you to create a bespoke piece for those wanting something even more different.

The Best Engagement Rings for a Thoughtful Proposal

Each engagement is as special and unique as your relationship, meaning that there are no strict rules for selecting the perfect engagement ring. We believe that that the best engagement rings have been carefully chosen, with each element reflecting the individuality of your bride and the things that you love most about her. If your bride favours the traditional aspects of an engagement and wedding, you may like to opt for a diamond solitaire ring, as the most popular and classic choice.

However, for non-traditional brides, the possibilities are limitless. Our bespoke service allows you to create perfectly unique designs in gothic, Art Deco or modern styles, ensuring a show-stopping, thoughtful gift. Whatever the best engagement ring may be to you, DiamondsByMe can help you to create it, all for an affordable and highly competitive price.

Choosing a Beautifully Unique Engagement Ring

Whether you’d like to incorporate the finest quality diamond or want to avoid conventions at all costs, there are many ways to create unique engagement rings. For the best of both worlds, you may like to create your bride a thoughtful, different engagement ring using a lesser known diamond cut such as a trillion or a polished cabochon oval, gifting a luxury engagement ring which will stand out from the rest.

Sapphires, emeralds and rubies have been favoured by royalty for centuries as another unique engagement ring choice which still retains its rarity and remains on-trend. This results in a colourful, exclusive and subtle, fun look, which can be beautifully paired with other jewellery, day and eveningwear. The choice is yours; select a mixture of colourful natural stones and precious metals using our online tools to get a clear idea of how your finished piece will look.

Custom Made Engagement Rings

Each of our beautiful engagement ring designs is made to order, allowing you to request changes and make tweaks before your perfect ring is formed. However, for a truly exclusive feel, you may choose to design your own engagement ring from scratch, ready to be crafted by our expert team. We will work with you, providing an initial quote, a computerised 3D mock-up and, if you need to see it in real life, a 3D model to ensure you are happy before creating your dream custom made engagement ring.

Having years of experience in crafting jewellery, anything is possible, and we guarantee extraordinary results. You have the option to incorporate an older piece of jewellery, replicate a famous design or piece together elements from other existing designs to create the ideal piece, all for a competitive price.

Unusual Diamond Engagement Rings

DiamondsByMe can create unusual diamond engagement rings which are simple and classic, featuring exclusive and lesser-known diamond cuts, accompanied with intricately detailed engravings, diamond-set shoulders or beautifully shaped metal bands. We also have a range of beautiful black and brown diamonds, which can be incorporated with white diamonds for a dazzling, contrasting finish.

These coloured, fancy diamonds hold the same unique properties as white diamonds, making them ideal for brides seeking truly different engagement rings whilst still valuing the traditional sentiment of a diamond. You may also choose to feature diamonds in highly unique, personal designs, custom made to suit your bride and represent your relationship perfectly.