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It's the classic way of asking your partner to marry you. You get down on one knee, and you show her a small box. You open the box, and a stunning engagement ring with diamond is beaming toward her. Of course, she has no option but to say 'YES' to your proposal.

A Gold Engagement Ring with Diamond designed by you

The ring you gave her, was chosen carefully on the website of DiamondsByMe. You were looking for diamond engagement rings, and this website was the one that popped up. You were immediately impressed by the incredible variety and options you had here. The configurator especially was a nice surprise. With it you had the possibility to choose the size of your center stone, and the color of the diamond. You were in doubt in choosing a beautiful gold ring with a blue topaz. But it was quickly clear to you. It would be a classic solitaire style engagement ring with a stunning white diamond in VS/E quality.

At DiamondsByMe you can not only customize your own ring online, but we also provide a design service. Have you seen a different design somewhere or maybe you have your own design already, give us a call or check out our bespoke jewelry page. Together we can design the perfect ring for you and it doesn't have to be expensive! You can build your ring anyway you want within our website.

Your handmade Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

When it became clear to you which stone to choose, it was time to pick the precious metal. You had your choice of silver, gold and platinum. The gold was available in three colors; rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. You chose a unique 14-carat yellow gold Tiffy ring. After completing your order, your order was confirmed. The DiamondsByMe goldsmiths would start creating your ring, which would be ready for shipment within 12 business days. You were waiting anxiously. In the meantime, DiamondsByMe's team of goldsmiths started creating your gold engagement ring with diamond. This is done by using artisan techniques combined with today's innovation. After 12 business days you received message that your order was ready, and on its way to you. You received your parcel, and in it you found a gorgeous hand created gold engagement ring. In it was a stunning, sparkling diamond. This proposal could only be a success story.

Will this be your success story?

The diamonds by DiamondsByMe

DiamondsByMe purchases its' diamonds at the best diamond sellers Antwerp can offer. All these diamonds have been checked carefully. This way we know we can offer you the best quality. Moreover, these diamonds come from conflict free mines. All of our diamonds of 0,3 carat and more come with a GIA diamond certificate, meaning they have a proof of quality. On the GIA certificate you will find information regarding the stone, like the clarity, the color and the sizes. DiamondsByMe offers you diamonds in XXXN quality, by highest standard. Nothing but the best is good enough. Read more about this in our online education center. Here we offer extensive information regarding the materials we use for our jewelry. The diamond qualities we offer are SI, VS and VVS.

Engagement rings with colored diamonds

Next to the classic white diamond, we offer you the possibility to vary within this group of stones. For instance, we offer a beautiful collection of black diamonds. These remarkable stones are increasingly popular among those who want their jewelry to stand out. A diamond to distinguish oneself with. Is your loved one someone who isn’t afraid to think out of the box? Then how about a black diamond gold engagement ring?

Another diamond color that is becoming more popular each year, is that of the brown diamond. This stunningly warm toned diamond is extraordinary as the black diamond is, however less ‘in your face’. When combined with white diamond side stones, the gold engagement ring with brown diamond will make for a gorgeous jewel to put on her finger.

Gold engagement rings with lab grown diamond

We also offer you the possibility to choose from our extensive collection of gold lab grown diamond engagement rings. The lab created diamond is becoming more and more popular. While the lab created diamond is a genuine diamond, and it experiences the same process of origin, it is created in a laboratory. A naturally formed diamond has had millions of years to grow. A lab created or lab grown diamond is formed within only a couple of weeks. Because the environment has less to suffer from a lab created diamond than a naturally grown diamond, and less invasive resources have to be used, the lab grown diamond usually isn't as expensive as a natural diamond. Like a natural diamond however, the lab grown diamond of 0,3 carat and over comes with a GIA certificate.

Your possibilities in gold engagement rings with diamond

The possibilities offered to you by DiamondsByMe are endless. Check out our beautiful vintage style engagement rings. Or our modern solitaire rings. Are you more interested in a traditional ring to celebrate your love, then the Halo rings might be the right choice for you. Of course, you can also opt for a ring with other precious stones instead of diamonds. Check out our collection, revise the designs in our online configurator, and create the ring you will want to propose with.

Whichever you choose, you can be assured that your gold engagement ring with diamond is created carefully, handmade by the passionate goldsmiths working at DiamondsByMe.