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Make that special moment truly unforgettable with one of DiamondsByMe’s exclusive engagement rings with lab-grown diamonds. We offer an extensive range of exclusive engagement rings, crafted with the highest quality metals and gemstones. Our old-meets-new techniques combine to give you the ultimate in style, choice and price range. This is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to celebrate your love and DiamondsByMe is here to make it happen.

We don’t only offer the rings you see here, either. Our special and unique system means that you can design every aspect of the ring, right from the start. During your consultation you’ll sit down with one of our artists, who will interpret your vision to your specifications. Using 3D technology, we can model it digitally, and then even bring the design to life using 3D printing so that you can see what your finished design will look like. If you’re happy with your engagement ring, we’ll then craft it using the finest old and new goldsmith techniques.

DiamondsByMe can even use your metal and incorporate it into a design, or even create you a completely new design if you have something specific in mind. Our goal is to be as flexible so that we deliver something that’s truly a part of you.

The beauty of our lab-grown diamond engagement rings is that it’s about you and your partner. Take inspiration from our collection, or dream up something unique that only the two of you will share. The sky really is the limit. Place the lab grown diamond in a solitaire engagement ring with an open setting to make the diamond sparkle to its best.

Lab-created diamonds

Lab-created, or lab-grown diamonds are also known as man-made or cultured diamonds. However, they’re 100% real diamond, crystalized carbon - not an imitation such as cubic zirconia. DiamondsByMe takes great pride in offering authentic products which place your satisfaction above all else. But what exactly are lab grown diamonds?

There is no difference in the make-up of lab-grown and earth-mined diamonds, it’s merely in the way they are formed. They are physically and chemically identical, have the same attributes, and there is no visual difference. Just as how ice is still frozen water whether it comes from a freezer or a glacier, lab-created diamonds are no different from those which occur naturally.

The benefits of man-made diamonds sit firmly at the heart of DiamondsByMe’s ethos and promise. They’re ethical, being produced only in verified labs, and cost much less. Being lab-grown they’re also more environmentally friendly. It’s all part of our promise to bring you the best quality, at the best price, in the way you want it. Perfected by you, crafted by us.

The possibilities are endless

Now that you know a bit more about lab grown diamonds, it’s time to tell you about the possibilities DiamondsByMe has to offer.

The best thing about our jewelry is that each and every design can be adjusted to fit your partner’s style. If she likes a ring to be simple and classy, then a solitaire engagement ring with a small diamond may be the right choice. However, if you think she will like a certain design, but she would prefer a bit more sparkle with a larger stone, then it is likely you can alter the size of the center stone by using our online configurator. We offer this option for most of our designs. Then of course there is your choice of precious metal. We offer three types: silver, gold and platinum. Although silver is of course more friendly to your wallet, this metal is prone to easily damage, due to the fact that this is quite a soft sort of metal. If you really want a ring that will stand the test of time, then we recommend gold, or a lab grown diamond platinum engagement ring.

Lab grown diamonds and gold

Lab grown diamonds and gold make a stunning combination. Because one of the benefits of gold, is that you have a choice of three colors: white gold, rose gold, and of course the classic yellow gold.

  • A lab grown diamond engagement ring in white gold is modern and elegant. The white gold combined with the icy white of the lab created diamond, gives the ring a frosty look. Like said in a certain movie: Ladies, frost yourself. Or, because this of course concerns engagement rings: Gents, frost your fiancée’s hand with a gorgeous white gold ring.
  • A rose gold engagement ring with lab grown diamond is something for the bold, adventurous woman. This color combo is something out of the ordinary, where the warm tone of the rose gold contrasts beautifully with the icy sparkle of the lab created diamond. Rose gold has become increasingly popular these last few years, and not just in the world of jewelry. We at DiamondsByMe consider this beautiful color combination one that is here to stay, and something we would highly recommend.
  • And then of course we have our classic yellow gold. Gorgeous, especially when combined with diamond, and perhaps some small accents of white gold. Is your bride-to-be classy, with a love for tradition, then you should definitely consider a gold engagement ring with lab grown diamond.
Making a choice

We at DiamondsByMe understand that taking this step towards your future as married partners may feel like a rollercoaster ride. However, we hope that this will help you make your choice. And of course, if you need further assistance then our team will gladly be of service, and help you in choosing the perfect ring for your soon to be betrothed.