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It’s the ring that struck the hearts of millions twice over. Get your own piece of history with DiamondsByMe’s Lady Diana rings.

When Lady Diana Spencer and Charles, Prince of Wales became engaged in 1981, it was the ring which became synonymous with young love and continues to capture the attention of the world 30 years later. Set in 18 carat white gold, the 12-carat oval blue sapphire was nestled among 14 solitaire diamonds. It gained new prominence in 2010, when it became Kate Middleton’s ring for her engagement to Prince William. The Lady Diana ring is one of the most recognizable and symbolic engagement rings in history, and now you can capture that magic in your own special moment.

With DiamondsByMe’s range of engagement and lady's rings, you can recreate the iconic look or put your own twist on one of the most famous pieces of jewelry of our time. Browse our rings or put together one of your own with our unique online bespoke design service.

Our collection of Princess Diana rings

Princess Diana’s ring featured a main stone, surrounded by diamonds on a white gold band. While our classic engagement rings are mainly solitaire diamond rings, don’t confine yourself to the traditional and take a look at our whole collection of lady's rings or same style cluster rings.

Some of DiamondsByMe’s rings which emulate the unique configuration of the Princess Di ring are the Pippa, which boasts a central emerald flanked by diamonds as side stones. Or perhaps the statement Severine, with a sapphire set in an intricate white gold band studded with diamonds. Lucy is a tribute to the Lady Diana ring with sapphire, diamonds and white gold band. However, it’s the old-fashioned opulence of the Margien which gives that unmistakable Lady Di ring look.

The unique beauty of a Lady Diana engagement ring

The Lady Diana engagement ring itself was an interesting choice for the couple. The ring itself wasn’t in fact unique at all and was part of the jeweler’s collection available to anyone. What made Lady Diana’s engagement ring distinctive was that it moved away from the traditional solitaire diamond. It was said to resemble her mother’s and even Queen Victoria’s wedding brooch, so your very own version has even more history behind its beauty.

Your own Kate Middleton ring

Who could forget the ring’s next owner and the occasion which brought it back to the attention of the world. In 2010 Prince William chose it for his proposal to Kate Middleton and the iconic white gold Lady Diana ring took on a new prominence. Quickly being known as the Kate Middleton ring, it had a special sentimental significance for the British Royal Family and the world alike, coming to a new generation as well, 30 years after it was first made so popular.

To match the modern life of the now Kate Middleton ring, you could keep it traditional or update the look. For instance by revising the classic white to a yellow gold Lady Diana ring. Or by choosing another color center stone. Instead of a sapphire, think of a Lady Diana ring with ruby. If you want your ring to be even more exclusive you can also choose your ring in platinum.

DiamondsByMe’s collection of engagement and ladies’ rings can be customized with any gemstone or metal, so you can take your favorite design and emulate the distinctive white gold and sapphire palette. DiamondsByMe is committed to bringing you something exclusive, and all your own. So, while it takes inspiration from the classic Kate Middleton and Lady Diana ring, it will be something special that only you and your loved one share.

Recreate the look with exclusive Lady Diana rings

The original Lady Diana ring might have been made by the royal jeweler, but that doesn’t mean the look is out of your reach. With DiamondsByMe’s unique online design and customization process, you can recreate the sapphire and white gold look for a fair price. What’s more, we use ethical gold, and lab-created diamonds next to mined diamonds, and environmentally friendly manufacture processes.

The Carola range is the perfect way to recreate this instantly recognizable design, while sticking to a realistic budget. With the same white gold band, it boats a 6mm stone, which can be customized to be a sapphire, surrounded by eight 0.04 carat diamonds for a less costly version of the Lady Diana ring. Our affordable range really is confined only by your imagination; if you just want to recreate the palette of Lady Diana and Kate Middleton’s rings, you can add a sapphire to any design for your own piece of iconic ring history.