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Custom-made platinum engagement rings for your special moment

A mark of quality, platinum is a distinguished choice. Top of the precious metals, it has long been a prized metal for engagement rings, particularly when inset with diamonds. Impressive in both appearance and feel, platinum engagement rings are an extra special combination. Purer than any gold ring, platinum engagement rings are a valuable investment piece, favored for both the value and shimmering color of the metal. With a dazzling natural white sparkle that reflects the light, platinum rings are stunning in any style. check out our different styles; solitaire rings, cluster rings, Lady Diana engagement rings, etc.

Durable and longer-lasting than gold, platinum engagement rings, promise rings and infinity rings will ensure that your special moment lasts for a lifetime. A rare metal, its high status makes it a particularly sought-after choice for engagement rings that will last. And to top it off, platinum has a hypoallergenic quality. Meaning that if your soon to be betrothed has an allergy for metals, she will not have any problems wearing a beautiful platinum engagement ring. Would you like to know more about platinum? Then check our online education center.

Design your own artisan platinum engagement ring

Now that you have made the choice of a platinum engagement ring, it is time for you to start designing! To make your choice more easy we have divided our collection in different ring styles like : Solitaire rings, cluster rings, halo rings and 3-stone rings.

With our easy-to-use online configurator, you can easily adjust each platinum ring you see on our website. When you have made your final choice, our passionate team of goldsmiths will start creating your ring, by using artisan craft with innovative technology. In a short amount of time, you will have a gorgeous sparkler, that is sure to make her say yes!

Platinum engagement ring with diamond

May we recommend a platinum engagement ring with diamond?

While platinum is the hardest precious metal available to jewelers, the diamond is the hardest precious stone. Imagine: the only way to cut a diamond, is by using another diamond.
A combination of these two materials will add symbolism to your proposal. It subtly tells her how much faith you have in your relationship; your relationship being as rock-solid as the engagement ring you give her.

At DiamondsByMe we have a beautiful collection of white diamonds, but also brown and black diamonds! If your bride-to-be is someone not afraid to make a statement, then the striking combination of a platinum engagement ring with black diamond may be the perfect choice. If you think a platinum engagement ring with diamond is out of your reach, being as exclusive as it is, then perhaps we can surprise you. Not only do we offer these exclusive engagement rings at a lower price than most jewelers, on- or offline, but you now also have a choice of natural diamonds, or its friendlier priced brother, the lab grown diamond.

Lab grown diamond platinum engagement ring

A lab grown or lab created diamond, is exactly what the name says it is. It is a genuine diamond, with all the same specifications as a natural diamond. The only thing is, that it was created in a laboratory within weeks, instead of being formed in nature over the course of millions of years. This is part of the reason why lab grown diamonds are less expensive than natural ones. If you want to know more about the lab grown diamond, then we recommend you take a peek in our education center.
So if you wish to give her that beautiful exclusive combination of platinum and diamond, but also want to keep an eye on your budget, then the lab grown diamond platinum engagement ring is definitely something to consider.

Diamond Certificate of Authenticity

When you purchase a diamond, then of course you will want the assurance that it is the real thing. At DiamondsByMe all round diamonds of 0,3 carat and more come with a GIA or HRD certificate. On it you will find all the specifics of the diamond you purchased in your platinum engagement ring, like the status of XXXN which is the best quality available. The same goes for our lab grown diamonds of 0,3 carat and over. These also come with a GIA certificate, on which is specified that the diamond is lab created.

Now, it’s time to start designing her exclusive platinum engagement ring!

Caring for your platinum ring

Platinum rings are easy to care for, but we do have some tips for you, to make sure that the ring will forever remain as beautiful as the day you made your wedding proposal:

  • Simply clean the ring with platinum jewelry cleaning solution or a mixture of mild soap and warm water.
  • Very gently use a soft toothbrush or cloth to clean your ring.
  • Always rinse with lukewarm water to finish.

Next to these tips, we offer an exclusive lifetime warranty program. Read more about this in our customer service section.

Popping the question with a platinum engagement ring

If you wish to make a symbolic statement when you pop the question, then choose platinum. The strength of the beautiful metal represents the love you feel for her. The indestructible bond between the two of you. At DiamondsByMe you can not only customize your own ring online, but we also provide a design service. Have you seen a different design somewhere or maybe you have your own design already, give us a call or check out our bespoke jewelry page. Together we can design the perfect platinum ring for you, and it doesn't have to be extremely expensive!

Finish it with a glittering diamond, and you will have the recipe for success in your hands!