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Rose gold engagement rings

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Rose gold is a color which has become and remained popular in jewelry, fashion and wedding themes. Rose gold is made from a mixture of gold and copper, resulting in a pink-red color which sets off diamonds perfectly and looks beautiful on all skin tones. For the modern woman, rose gold may be an excellent choice when selecting the perfect engagement ring and DiamondsByMe have a vast selection of modern engagement ring designs for you to choose from. But also, our vintage and classic style designs are varied.

Our rose gold engagement rings can be customized to incorporate any precious stone or combined with a yellow or white gold for a truly unique look. Whether you’re looking for a rose gold diamond engagement ring or would like to feature a special birthstone, our team of experienced jewelers will create your bespoke piece upon order, allowing you to create the ideal rose gold ring to propose to your partner. And of course, if you prefer white gold or classic gold, you can simply adjust the color of the gold to create your own gold engagement ring.

Exclusive Rose Gold engagement rings

Any of our beautiful engagement rings can be made using rose gold so you can keep the style as traditional or modern as your bride-to-be may like. You may like to opt for a classic diamond solitaire engagement ring, symbolizing your love with one of the hardest natural stones to be found in the world. The white of the diamond sits beautifully against rose gold, for an expensive looking, classic style brought up to date with the red gold color. For a more classic rose gold engagement ring also check out our sapphire style rings.

Alternatively, you can select a three-stone rose gold engagement ring, choosing to stick to diamonds or selecting other precious stones for a colorful and exclusive look. Each stone symbolizes your past, present and future together as a couple and makes for a hugely sentimental choice. Halo rings are another type which make a popular choice for engagement rings. Choosing either a diamond or colorful center stone, glittering smaller diamonds then sit around the outside for a glamorous and feminine feel. Each of these designs make beautiful rose gold engagement rings.

If proposing isn’t something you’re considering just yet, you may like to choose a promise ring in rose gold. Often less extravagant and expensive than an engagement ring, promise rings in rose gold are given as a token of commitment, to express that you will get engaged and married when the time is right for you as a couple. Any of our stunning rose gold engagement rings can be given as a promise ring and you have the added option to include engravings for an extra personal touch. Choose to have any precious stone set in your ring and give a gift which is both meaningful and exclusive.

Choosing your precious stone

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing an engagement ring. Like:

  • What type of person is my loved one?
  • What ring would match her taste?
  • What kind of precious metal should I choose?
  • What is the best option when it comes to choosing a gemstone?
  • To make your choice of engagement ring a bit easier, we have developed an online configurator, in which you can revise any ring design shown on our website. This innovative tool allows you to see what your engagement ring will look like in the end. Because each time you make an adjustment, whether it be the color of the precious metal, the gemstone or its size, you will see the adjustment straight away.

    So if you see a rose gold engagement ring with diamond that you like, but would like to see how it looks with say, an emerald, then simply use our configurator, and our website will show you what your rose gold engagement ring with emerald will look like. This way you will know exactly what you pay for, and even more important: you will be sure that this is the engagement ring you will want to propose with. Of course, we have a lot of options available when it comes to gemstones. But have you ever considered a rose gold lab grown diamond engagement ring? This color combo is one of our personal favorites!

    After you popped the question

    We do not want to get ahead of ourselves, but have you thought about what happens after you (of course successfully) popped the question?

    Most likely at one point you and your fiancée will start the preparations for your wedding day. And it’s highly likely that you will be shopping for wedding rings in the future. Then it’s good to know we have a wide collection of wedding rings as well. If you have opted for a rose gold engagement ring, a wedding ring in rose gold is the best choice to sit alongside it. Not only is the color match ideal, the metals won’t rub against each other, avoiding wear and tear. All our wedding ring sets can be made in rose gold, for a modern yet timeless look for him and her. You can choose to mix rose gold with white or yellow for an on-trend two-tone look or stick to a completely rose gold band for an elegant finish which suits both husband and wife.

    And because you have bought her a rose gold engagement ring at DiamondsByMe, we will know exactly what type of wedding ring will match nicely with the engagement ring. Need assistance? Our team will gladly be of service!