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You are ready to take the next step in your life. You are ready to say “I do”. But before that moment, you will have to get down on one knee and propose. It doesn't matter where you propose or how, as long as you have the perfect ring for her: a sapphire engagement ring, just like Lady Diana. Because a sapphire will make your unique engagement ring even more special.

Lady Diana ring

The most famous engagement ring with a royal blue sapphire no doubt was worn by Lady Diana. The Princess of the People chose the sapphire, because of the blue stone's royal and powerful appearance. No wonder Lady Diana chose this beautiful blue gemstone. Her engagement ring consisted of a sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds. The ring was made of 18 carat white gold. A beautiful heirloom which is now being worn by Lady Diana's daughter-in-law Catherine. Moreover, the sapphire engagement ring wasn't the only jewel with sapphire owned by Lady Diana. She loved this precious stone.

Source of inspiration

Lady Diana's engagement ring is a source of inspiration for goldsmiths. Our own goldsmiths designed a beautiful Vintage style Lady Diana ring, that no doubt would have been chosen had we been creating jewelry with precious stones back in the day. Our design also features a sapphire surrounded by diamonds. But of course you can personalize the ring to suit your own taste and that of your betrothed. This way you can create your very own Lady Diana engagement ring.

What is sapphire?

A sapphire is a blue gemstone. But did you know that there are other colors of sapphire as well? The only color not included in sapphire is red. But what is sapphire without it's deep blue color? Because when we mention sapphires, we actually mean the royal blue gemstone. Other sapphire colors are called Fancy Sapphires. But what exactly is sapphire?

  • Like other precious stones this blue gemstone is linked to a month of birth. Was you bride born in the month of September? Then you should definitely pick her a sapphire engagement ring. Because the royal blue sapphire belongs to September. But what is a sapphire without a zodiac sign? Is your bride a Taurus or a Virgo? Then she will certainly say “Yes” when you propose with a sapphire engagement ring.
  • Deep blue gemstone : How blue the sapphire is! The bluer, the more the sapphire is worth. To make gemstones even more blue, they are heated. This will make the blue color even more intense, and make it radiate even more when set in a sapphire engagement ring. By heating the stones impurities will vanish. The sapphire is a corundum gemstone.
  • Very hard gemstone : Thanks to the corundum in the blue gemstone, the sapphire is very hard. That's what makes the sapphire such a pleasure to work with for our goldsmiths. The stone can by quite easily cut in different shapes. And that plays to your advantage when designing an engagement ring with sapphire.

A very special engagement ring

If you choose to have a sapphire set in the engagement ring, then you will choose a stone of a remarkable, intense color. The cool dark blue of these stones is most beautiful when set in a silver or white gold ring. Have the sapphire in your design surrounded by white diamonds to accentuate the blue even more. Or opt for a solo setting, with the sapphire surrounded by the precious metal. In our configurator you are able to choose the type of gold yourself. Choose between yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum.

We've already made you a selection of inspiring examples. Choose a vintage style ring or a Solitaire ring. Per category you can select the color of the precious metal, and the shape of the sapphire. You will have a perfectly good idea of how your engagement ring with sapphire will look like. And if by chance you cannot find what you are looking for in our collection, then why not design the ring yourself?

Made with love on demand

Our goldsmiths lovingly will create your perfect engagement ring with sapphire. Because only you know what the perfect ring for the love of your life. Choose for instance a Lady Diana inspired ring with a sapphire. Or is the Pavé ring perhaps a better choice for your bride to be? That way she can wear the blue stone like a crown on her finger. Don't hesitate to contact us and discuss your possibilities. You can choose a model from our site and have it customized. Or send us your own design. Not one ring shown on our website is in stock, because each ring we make is created on demand. That way you will know that the engagement ring with sapphire you propose with, will be extra special!