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Your loved one is unique. And you chose to make arrangements and ask her to marry you. For a unique person, you will want a unique engagement ring. That is where DiamondsByMe comes into play. We create unique and exclusive engagement rings, that will perfectly match your bride-to-be’s taste and style.

Each ring shown in our collection is completely customizable. Furthermore, each ring is only created after an order is placed. Keeping no stock ensures you of the exclusivity and the uniqueness of the ring you design for your future fiancée.

Create your own custom unique engagement ring

Something special - handmade just for you

Check our wide variety of ring models. Choose the model that best suits the style of your soon to be betrothed, and give her the engagement ring she always dreamed of. At DiamondsByMe we have the perfect engagement rings. Modern weddings are individual and unique, so of course you want a unique engagement too. You want something different. Something contemporary, remarkable and personal to the both of you. An engagement ring that means something special. The perfect ring designed by you and created just for her. A ring that best matches her personality.

With precious stones in every color and size, platinum, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold settings and plenty of other options, you can customize any ring in seconds. Revise white gold to a yellow gold engagement ring for instance. See your changes on screen as you try out different combinations. And to make it even more personal, we'll be happy to engrave the inside of the ring with a name, date or a short text of your choosing.

Unique rings to suit every taste

At DiamondsByMe, we have a huge collection of unique and exclusive engagement rings to truly capture the essence of your love. Sometimes you know exactly what you want. Whether you already have the whole ring or just the features already clear in your mind, we have something to suit your needs. Choose to customize a unique ring from our collection or have us create the design in your mind from scratch. Browse our large collection of unique rings first because you may find exactly what you want.

At DiamondsByMe, our unique rings come in every style. From modern rings to flower rings, fantasy engagement rings, pearl rings, solitaire rings, special engagement rings and more. Browse our modern and memoire collections for some of our most contemporary and popular styles.

With the option to customize every piece, you can be sure that you will have an engagement ring that is exactly as you imagined.

Customize or design your own unique ring

Whether you are looking for an unusual engagement ring, a luxury engagement ring or simply something different, we have all the options that you desire.

We invite you to try out our online configurator, with which you can change each ring to suit your, and even more important, your future fiancée’s taste. Test different metals, from popular white gold to exclusive platinum, and see which metal will work best. Then, choose your center stone. We have a beautiful collection of precious stones to choose from. From the classic diamond, to the ruby or ‘stone of love’, to the modern and extraordinary engagement rings with diamond. And of course, we offer our exclusive and special bespoke service, creating you a unique design from scratch. With the option to receive your design in 3D first, you can be sure that everything will go according to plan.

Not sure of her ring size? Not to worry. Select 'I don't know my ring size' and we'll send you a ring chart free of charge. This way you will be certain your ring will be created in the correct size.

Find your unique engagement ring at DiamondsByMe

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team members consisting of passionate artisans. They will gladly guide you through the process of designing your own unique engagement ring.

Not only do we help you in the process of choosing the engagement ring. We offer a lifetime warranty program that ensures the engagement ring will remain of a timeless beauty. With this program our goldsmiths will do a check-up of the engagement ring. Because of course, time will have its effect on the ring. With the lifetime warranty program, the ring’s setting will be checked, and the ring will be polished. So that it shines as beautiful as on the day of your proposal. More information on this program can be found in our customer service section.

With DiamondsByMe you will be sure you give her a unique token of your love. Something that will mark the next chapter of your future together. Something as unique as she is.

And as unique as the love you share.