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Inspired by styles which were popular at least 20 years ago and going right back to the early 1900s, vintage engagement rings are perfect for creating a timeless piece of jewelry which will never go out of fashion. Instead of just looking dated, vintage engagement rings are formed from beautiful elements of rings which are so old, a whole new style is brought back, allowing for an impressive piece which will always retain its vintage touch.

Our vintage engagement rings can be chosen in all popular styles including diamond solitaires, three-stone rings and halo rings, all with signature design ethics subtly making reference to the past. From the Art Nouveau to the golden age periods, each era sees a difference in popular styles, allowing you to select a gorgeous, intricate design which is perfect for you. Vintage engagement rings aren’t just for brides who favor an all-round vintage style, the delicate, feminine detail also allows for them to suit contemporary brides, looking for an engagement ring which will stand out.

For a completely unique vintage engagement ring, you may like to consider DiamondsByMe’s bespoke service. Looking at bygone eras, you have the opportunity to piece together elements from all the decades which you love, creating a completely bespoke engagement ring. You may also incorporate a vintage piece of jewelry you already own or design a vintage engagement ring based on an existing design which you love.

Vintage Solitaire Rings

If you are set on a vintage engagement ring, you may want to avoid a second-hand ring for reassurance of quality. Our brand-new vintage solitaire rings can be set with a single diamond, emerald, sapphire or a range of other precious stones allowing you the freedom to create a stunning look, tailored to your bride.

To give a traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring with a vintage twist, you could select from the popular cuts and shapes of the past. An emerald-cut diamond is one of the most effective ways to add a vintage touch. A beautiful, exclusive shape which is now rarely seen in solitaire ring designs, DiamondsByMe have vintage solitaire rings which feature an emerald-cut gemstone alone or with a delicate, halo effect.

Ornate Vintage Promise Rings

Like engagement rings, vintage promise rings can be made in a wide selection of designs and styles, tailored to your loved one’s tastes. Our vintage promise rings range from the simple floral cluster to heavily diamond-set bands including the extra details of delicate scrollwork and impressive etching, suiting both women who prefer simple, minimalist designs and those who favor extravagant, stand-out looks.

Personalize your vintage promise ring by selecting from a range of beautiful precious stones, creating a colorful and unique look, as well as choosing a high-quality metal which will suit the wearer’s skin tone and complement any other jewelry that they may own. Each of our vintage promise rings can be formed from silver, gold or platinum, creating an exclusive look which will also fit your budget.

Select a Unique Vintage Eternity Ring

Older styles of eternity ring include thick-set bands, complete with pavé diamonds and colorful gemstones, reminiscent of an antique style as well as thin and delicately shaped bands with simple yet impressive etching. Vintage eternity rings are usually given to mark a milestone in a relationship, be it a special wedding anniversary or the birth of a first child. Each retains the same high symbolism, with an unbroken full or half band, representing the idea of forever.

For a smaller budget, a filigree pattern helps to create the appearance of a Celtic, vintage eternity ring with fine, winding details for a romantic finish. Our team of highly experienced jewelers form each ring upon order and we never hold stock of any of our jewelry. This gives you the unique opportunity to personalize each of our designs as much as you want, creating a unique vintage eternity ring at an affordable and competitive price.

Vintage wedding rings for the Bride and Groom

We offer vintage wedding rings as a set for him and her, or individually, allowing each wearer to express their unique sense of style. Our vintage wedding ring base styles include heavily detailed, feminine bands ready to be set with diamonds and other precious stones as you wish.

For something less glitzy, our jewelers can use traditional techniques and modern technology to make any dream ring a reality. You may choose to hand engrave a bespoke design or add milgrain elements, for an intricate yet subtle finish. For added peace of mind, DiamondsByMe are certified members of the Responsible Jewelry Council, ensuring our diamonds and precious metals have been ethically sourced and remain the highest quality.