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White gold engagement rings

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White gold engagement rings are a classic choice for the metal’s shine and how it complements the brilliance of diamonds. With DiamondsByMe’s range of white gold engagement rings, you can choose and customize the stones, and even substitute white gold with the metal in any of our designs using our online design tool. When it comes to the most important question you’ll ever ask, we help you make sure it’s the perfect white gold engagement ring. In our configurator you are able to choose the type of gold yourself. Choose between yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum.

White gold and sapphire

White gold first appeared as a metal for jewelry in the 19th century. It is a mixture or alloy of gold and palladium. Palladium is a relative of platinum but is softer than its rock-hard cousin and creates a unique brilliance when combined with yellow gold. Some white golds contain nickel and copper as well. This alternative combination increased in use since the Second World War where platinum was sourced for its durability. It is a lower cost option than platinum, whilst still showcasing the same color and shine.

DiamondsByMe has an extensive collection of engagement rings, and you can choose to feature white gold with any of our designs. Choose for instance a white gold engagement ring with sapphire. The combination of the frosty white gold with the deep blue of the sapphire will surely let your loved one’s heart beat faster.

A variation on the classic sapphire ring is that of a white gold pink sapphire engagement ring. The pink sapphire has a distinct girlish feel about it. Is your bride-to-be a youthful, playful type who loves color and especially pink? Then the pink sapphire may be the perfect choice. And was she born in September? Then the sapphire is her birthstone! Next to our choice of stones and stone colors, of course we have different types of rings. Is your partner a vintage type, or is her motto: out with the old, in with the new (and modern)? This is really something to consider when designing her engagement ring.

Vintage engagement ring

For a vintage engagement ring in white gold, choose a design which shows off some old school glamour. Go for intricate settings and engraving, or a central stone with a halo, surrounding or shoulders.

Our Betty range creates the perfect vintage look, with the carved shoulders and band, large prongs and triple diamond setting. Or perhaps the Camille with the classic 1800s and 1900s flower-shaped setting. Have it set with a beautiful red ruby, and you will create an intricate ring with lots of symbolic meaning. The vintage ruby white gold engagement ring breathes the decadence of olden days, and is sure to catch the eye.

Diamond engagement ring

Diamond engagement rings date back to the 1400s, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria commissioned one for his intended bride Mary. Since then, it’s become the symbol of eternal love and thanks to mid-20th century advertising campaigns their popularity is unmatched. All of DiamondsByMe’s engagement rings feature diamonds, and in an endless variety of styles. Make it white gold for the ultimate match for the brilliance of diamonds. Your perfect white gold diamond engagement ring is just a click away. The most sold ring styles are the solitaire engagement rings and eternity rings

The perfect ring for your proposal

At DiamondsByMe we pride ourselves in creating the most stunning white gold engagement rings. Because we have so many designs and customizing options available, you can be sure that the ring you design her will be unique. While we make use of the most innovative technology, our goldsmiths are specialized in the artisan way of crafting jewelry. With this combination of old and new techniques we will create you the prefect ring for your proposal. Also, to make sure your partner will enjoy the ring you designed for her for a lifetime, we offer a lifetime warranty program. Ensuring the best way to take care of the ring.

Although we offer a wide collection, it may be possible that you will want a completely unique design. Something not done anywhere else, or by anyone before. We will gladly help you create a completely new design, that will take her breath away. Simply contact us to discuss the possibilities, and our designers will start drawing your unique design. And rest assured; your custom design will never be copied for other customers.

We look forward to seeing what you will design for your bride-to-be and are eager to help you create the perfect conditions for your proposal!