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DiamondsByMe’s collection of diamond necklaces showcases the best of what we have to offer you and so much more. Necklaces are a classic way to show your style and make the ideal gift for a friend, partner or loved one. They are a delicate, timeless display, versatile and special at the same time.

Necklaces are one of the first kinds of body adornment, being used for ceremonial, religious, mystical, symbolic and decorative purposes for thousands of years. There are broad types of necklace, mainly classified by length, but within that there is a never-ending range of styles within which to show your individuality.

The most common design for necklaces is a chain or band, with or without a pendant. At DiamondsByMe, we’ve got a selection of necklaces which is sure to suit you, and our diamond necklaces come in a range of designs. You can customize the metals and stones on any design, or create something that’s completely your own with our unique online, first of its kind in the Netherlands online design tool. Your ultimate diamond necklace. Perfected by you. Crafted by us.

Diamond jewelry

The history of these stones didn’t begin with diamond jewelry. The first diamonds are believed to have been found in India, and were actually revered for their light refracting properties. For this reason they were first used for talismans and decorations rather than for jewelry. Diamonds were even thought to have medicinal properties. The first use of diamonds as jewelry are thought to have been on a Hungarian crown from around 1074, but it wasn’t until the 1300s that cutting methods which allowed almost all diamonds to be used were invented.

Rings, bracelets and earrings are all classic pieces of diamond jewelry, but at DiamondsByMe, we boast a stunning collection of diamond necklaces. Whether as a pendant or full necklace, you’re sure to find something as brilliant as the person wearing it.

Diamond pendants

Diamond pendants are necklaces which feature a single diamond or collection of diamonds suspended on a chain. The word pendant actually means ‘to hand down’. Diamond pendants are a classic symbol of eternal love. The Hope Diamond, one of the most famous jewels in the world, has sat as a pendant in several styles since its records began in 1812.

There are several things to keep in mind when choosing a diamond pendant. As the necklace usually has the stone as its only embellishment, it’s important to choose the right one. The cut of the diamond in the pendant is important for catching and reflecting the light to ensure it stands out at the end of the chain. Clarity and color will also affect this. The shape is personal preference and often depends on the purpose, for example a heart shape for love. Something with minimal prongs obscuring the sides will allow the diamond pendant to shine.

A simple setting like DiamondsByMe’s Eva solitaire pendant is perfect, allowing the round diamond to hang, with just four prongs, leaving most of the diamond exposed to the light. From the ornate Evangelina, with its complex setting, to the modern Tessa, with its collection of three, off-center diamonds, there’s something to suit every taste with our diamond pendants.

Diamond heart necklaces

The diamond heart necklace is a sweet way to show how you feel; a classic gift for lovers. Our Charlotte Heart is everything a diamond heart necklace should be, with the center stone surrounded by its gold heart setting to accentuate the shape.

A completely different style of diamond heart necklace is the Kandace. The pendant is a large, off-center, half gold, half diamond heart outline, giving a modern take on the classic sweetheart necklace.

Gold chain diamond necklaces

Gold, diamonds, is there anything more luxurious? It’s one of the most classic gifts; the joy of placing a gold chain diamond necklace around your loved one’s neck. We’ve got a range of styles in gold and diamond, and any of our others can be customized to be just as you imagined.

For the classic diamond necklace, consider the Simona in gold, with its uniform line of square cut diamonds.

Our diamond encrusted initial necklaces are always popular, whereas there’s always a place for the timeless simplicity of the single diamond Fran. There’s no better surprise than a gold chain diamond necklace from DiamondsByMe. By you.

Long diamond necklaces

Longer chains have grown in popularity in recent years, meaning that the embellishment or pendants hang lower and while there’s room for more, they also have to compete with the rest of the wearer’s outfit. As such, a larger pendant is often advisable for a long chain. One of our popular styles for a long diamond necklace is the silver and diamond key, or a large heart-shaped outline. For something more classic in a long diamond necklace, we’ve got the Tammie, with a central cluster and ornate surround.