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The 12 birthstones are believed to have originated from the bible and remain a popular choice when looking for a special birthday gift or sentimental piece of jewelry. From January’s birthstone, garnet, to November’s birthstone, topaz, each month linked to a specific precious stone, birthstone rings are traditionally thought to bring the wearer luck and offer enhanced healing powers. Regardless of your beliefs, birthstone rings make an excellent choice of gift for women and men of any age, allowing you to give a highly-personal, unique piece of jewelry which they can cherish forever.

As part of the Responsible Jewelry Council, each of our precious metals and gemstones have been ethically sourced from reputable places. Any of our beautiful stone-set rings can be customized, adding in the precious stone of your choice for an exclusive birthday gift. If you’d prefer, DiamondsByMe also offer a custom jewelry service, allowing you to design a unique birthstone ring from scratch at an affordable price. Our team of experienced jewelers will work from your initial ideas or sketches, creating an exclusive birthstone ring which fits your style as well as your budget and allowing you to give a gift which you won’t find anywhere else.

Unique Birthstone Rings for Mothers

Our birthstone rings make a highly personal gift for mums, letting you display your thoughtfulness and appreciation on any occasion with a one-off piece of jewelry. Whether your mum is lucky enough to have been born in April, having a diamond birthstone or in September, having a sapphire birthstone, our birthstone rings for mothers can be altered in size and precious metal to ensure a look she’ll adore for a price you’ll love. In a range of styles from the classic solitaire to the everlasting eternity rings, you can create a piece which is unique to her tastes with birthstone rings for mum.

Mother’s Day Birthstone Rings

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your mum or the mother of your children how much you value what they do for you with a beautiful and exclusive birthstone ring. Choose to use her own birthstone for an individual present or, if you’re buying for a partner, create a Mother’s Day birthstone ring with the stones of your children’s birth months. From the gorgeous, deep green of the May birthstone, emerald, to the paler, bright peridot August birthstone, each has unique properties said to bring the wearer inner strength, making birthstone rings for mothers the perfect choice of present.

Stackable Birthstone Rings

Stacked rings are a modern, on-trend way to include birthstones in your jewelry. You could choose a statement center ring with a solitaire birthstone, sandwiched in between two delicately engraved bands for a finish which is both feminine and glamorous, or opt for a mix of full eternity birthstone rings to sit against simpler bands for a classic, elegant look. With so many different combinations of stackable birthstone rings available, the finished design is completely up to you.

Birthstone Meanings

As each birthstone is said to have a unique meaning, with the July ruby birthstone symbolizing love and the February amethyst birthstone bringing beauty and respect, the wearer will appreciate such an exclusive, personal gift. Find the birthstone for the month you were born in and see the symbolism this could mean for you or your recipient.

DiamondsByMe creates jewelry for each of the 12 birthstones of the year, including birthstone rings for March, represented by the beautiful aquamarine or birthstone rings for July, using stunning pearls. With each believed to hold an individual power, it is also traditional to own and wear one for each month, in the hope that you will benefit from all 12 unique properties. For more information on birthstones, please visit our Birthstone buying guide, found in our knowledge bank.