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At DiamondsByMe we pride ourselves on creating bespoke pieces for all your special moments. Our philosophy is built on being able to bring you exclusive rings and jewelry, how you choose, in your style. It’s our mission to make beautiful, custom jewelry as easy as buying a ready-made piece.

We use innovative technology, the first of its kind in the world, to allow you to choose and customize your exclusive ring online. Pick your precious metal and stone, and see it instantly on the whole collection, comparing your favorite pieces. Choose categories such as modern, trendy or vintage; an occasion; or styles such as Pave, eternity or halo. Refine your selection, browse the designs and select some to view more closely. Alternatively, one exclusive ring might catch your eye, why not take a closer look and instantly see a range of metal and stone choices up close. You can customize elements such as the band, the setting and multiple stone types in different materials. DiamondsByMe is about taking our traditional, classic and modern designs with a unique twist: you.

Exclusive jewelry

To us, every item we make is a piece of exclusive jewelry. We aim to operate responsibly, using sustainably-sourced materials and manufacturing processes. We don’t maintain any stock - all our exclusive rings are made-to-order, just for you. With over 20 stone types and more than 10 cuts, and five precious metals to choose from, every piece really is unique.

While our collection includes classic rings of all styles, with their pave stones, twisted shoulders, central settings and stone clusters; the added touch of exclusivity comes from our modern pieces. We have incorporated elements of old and new to create an inspired range of exclusive jewelry. Rings like the Roxane incorporate a three-piece band, overlapping and distorted, in three metal colors and diamonds suspended between them. Choose all these elements in the materials of your choice, seeing instantly how your selections will look in your finished design.

Exclusive engagement rings

DiamondsByMe has an extensive collection of exclusive engagement rings for you to choose from. We want to make sure that the most important piece of jewelry you’ll ever buy reflects your special moment. And while all our engagement rings can be customized as with all our exclusive jewelry, what sets our service apart is the ability to design your own ring from scratch.

Our range includes classic designs such as the Tiffy and Fay, as well as the opulent Dodie or Queen. Recreate a classic, such as the Princess Diana engagement ring, emulating the central sapphire and diamond surround in our Jorinda design; or take inspiration from the colors and apply them to a modern design such as the Gracia, with its overlapping band and suspended stones.

Unique engagement rings

What could be more special than a ring chosen entirely by you. Perhaps one designed by you? Our team, all-based onsite in our studio, will guide you through every step of the process as you choose every element of your exclusive engagement ring.

Make a unique engagement ring that is totally exclusive to you and your partner with our fingerprint and handwriting engraved rings. All we need is high-resolution images, and we can resize, place and carve your personal touches onto your piece. Not only will you have a unique engagement ring, but you’ll carry your beloved with you, always.

We use innovative new processes combined with ancient goldsmith techniques for the ultimate in quality. You can even select to have a 3D-printed model of your ring created to make sure your ring is entirely you. Truly perfected by you, crafted by us.

Vintage rings

We love showcasing the long and illustrious history of rings. DiamondsByMe’s designs celebrate traditional design elements such as twisted bands and opulent gem clusters and craft beautiful, bespoke pieces just for you.

Take a classic ring like the Margien, with its large, opulent central stone and diamond halo. Choose the band in white gold, and the coolness of sapphires and natural diamonds or lab grown diamonds, for a bold, brilliant piece. Or swap the band for rich gold, and the central stone for a ruby, and the design is instantly a stunning, vintage ring with an antique feel.