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Fingerprint rings

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Design your own handmade fingerprint ring

Choose your preferred metal, stones and more – or create your own design from scratch – and add the most personal symbol possible: a fingerprint.
Fingerprint rings are the latest way to keep your most treasured memories with you, wherever you are.

With fingerprint wedding bands and fingerprint rings topping the lists for the best modern wedding bands and rings with a difference, they are also a popular gift to celebrate births and other significant occasions. Just think about it. Each person has his or her own unique fingerprint. No fingerprints are alike. So a ring with fingerprint can only be the most unique ring there is.

About Fingerprint rings

Fingerprint rings are unique and deeply personal. With a streamlined look, they work well in any metal and can discreetly feature precious side stones.Elegant and sleek, fingerprint memorial rings are the perfect answer if you are looking for a custom ring that is both personalized and individual.

With the fingerprint ring engraving as the center stone, fingerprint rings at DiamondsByMe are cost effective and will instantly make you stand out from the crowd.A reminder of that special feeling whenever you graze the fingerprint ring engraving, these rings are beautiful both inside and out, a sentimental piece to treasure forever.

Not only do the fingerprint rings make exquisite wedding rings, they can also be a beautiful reminder of a lost loved one. This way you will always have something that made this person unique close by.
Fingerprint rings look good in any metal. Customize your ring with your choice of precious metal, precious side stones and lots more. See your design evolve on screen as you choose from a platinum, gold or silver setting and play around with adding different side stones, as well as other features if you wish. If you have a different wish for your fingerprint ring then check out our bespoke service.

Fingerprint rings - keep your memories with you, wherever you are.

How the Fingerprint ring is created

The fingerprint ring engraving of your choice will be etched onto your ring using a copy of the full fingerprint that you send us.

How does it work?

When you place your order, enter FINGERPRINT in the engraving box and complete checkout.We will then contact you on how to provide us with your fingerprint. There are two options:

  • By using an inkpad: press your finger onto the inkpad, and then carefully and softly place it on a piece of white paper. Be careful not to shift, so the fingerprint will be clean and nice. For the best result, try several times, so our designers can choose which fingerprint will look the best on your ring. You can then scan the fingerprint and send it to us through e-mail.
  • By using a soft writing pencil. Color the finger, and press it to a piece of transparent sticking tape. Next place it on a piece of white paper and scan the fingerprint. Send it to us through e-mail, and mention your order reference. We will then add your fingerprint to your ring.

The fingerprint must be absolutely clear, with all the detail clearly visible. It might take a few attempts before you get a print that you are happy with.
Remember to press the finger straight onto the paper. Don’t be tempted to roll your finger from side to side.
When you are happy with the quality of your print, send it to us, at DiamondsByMe, via email or post.

Your fingerprint will be created in one of two ways:

  • casted directly into your ring
  • or engraved with a laser engraving machine (laser engravings look more genuine because of the subtle sprinkle of tiny black spots created during the burning process)
Memorial fingerprint wedding bands and engagement rings

Cherish the memory of someone special for a lifetime with a custom memorial fingerprint wedding band.
Fingerprint wedding bands and engagement rings for men and women are the latest way to create a modern wedding ring that is both intimate and individual.

Etched with a fingerprint instead of a precious center stone, at DiamondsByMe you may choose to keep the rest of the ring plain or add a discreet selection of precious side stones.
Whatever your taste, we have many styles in our collection of fingerprint wedding bands and engagement rings for men and women.
And of course, there is always the possibility of having your own completely unique design created for you by our designers.

With the memory of your special someone always present, transport yourself back to their touch whenever you graze their fingerprint etched into your ring forever.

Customize your fingerprint wedding ring

Fingerprint wedding rings look great in any metal.

Customize your memorial fingerprint wedding band or engagement ring with your choice of precious metal, precious side stones and more.
From platinum, gold and silver settings to precious side stones in every color, you are guaranteed to create a striking ring at DiamondsByMe.
See your ring change on-screen as you customize your fingerprint wedding ring.

Create your own deeply personal fingerprint ring or wedding ring – for a memory that truly means something.
Designed by you, crafted by us