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Rings are age old pieces of jewelry, gracing the hands of people in cultures all over the world for thousands of years. They are also important symbols in relation to commitment, wealth, status, achievement or membership. So with such an illustrious history, what about the rings of today, what influences do they take from the beautiful pieces from that past, while still adding a unique twist from today? Explore DiamondsByMe’s collection of modern rings for something that’s all about your style.

Rings date back to around 2500 BC, remaining popular throughout ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek times, primarily for identification purposes. These were given as gifts and were particularly intricately designed. The Greeks introduced other metals such as silver and bronze due to the scarcity of gold, whilst the Romans were some of the first to feature stone settings, like most designs since and many of today’s modern rings. Number, placement, size, stones, embellishment and metal dictate the near-endless uses for rings - for everything from promises to achievements.

At DiamondsByMe, we love to work with this rich history behind all our modern rings, not least in our ancient and innovative goldsmith techniques. Use our unique online tool to select the Modern category and see our collection, choose your metal color and stone, and then select your favorites. Or if there’s a design you know that you like, take a closer look and instantly see how your modern ring will look with your choice of attributes.

Modern jewelry

So what makes a piece of modern jewelry? For us, it’s taking the traditional elements and updating them, or playing with the normal boundaries. Part of our unique mission is that we want you to be stopped only by the boundaries of your imagination.

DiamondsByMe’s modern jewelry designs, particularly with our rings, include features such as oversized stones and settings, twisted and split bands, and stones suspended within the band. Modern rings are really just a design with any non-traditional elements. We love the look of these new modern rings and we know you will too. Explore our range today.

Modern jewelry designs

We’ve got so many modern jewelry designs within our range of rings if you’re looking for something a bit different. Rings like the Hojalien have a split band, in brushed metal, with the central stone suspended in the gap. It’s a new way to showcase the classic band and central setting design. Or how about the Roxane, Juliette or Synthia, with their overlapping, separated, multiple bands in different colors of metal, and stones placed between them. Two tone metal is a simple way to get the modern jewelry design look. Thicker, squared bands as with the Dana, and the oversized prongs of the Clelia Emerald are other ways to achieve a modern feel.

Modern engagement rings

The engagement ring has been around for centuries, and has a lot of beautiful history to back it up. If you love this tradition and its elements, but want a more modern engagement ring, why not consider a few updates on the classic engagement ring, or go for something completely different. Something as unique as your partnership.

You can still include diamonds and other precious stones, as well as the precious metal of your choice, customized to your liking. Modern engagement rings such as the Alania feature a simple, twisted band, with the diamond suspended between them. This design, like many of our others, have a two-tone metal design, which is a beautiful way of symbolizing the two of you. Another modern engagement ring feature might be extra pave stones as with the Kaley, or colored stones as opposed to diamonds.

Modern bridal rings

Wedding bands are often quite plain, in contrast to the opulence of an engagement ring, but there are ways you can add a twist for a modern bridal ring.

One of our favorite features is the fingerprint. Your wedding band can still look simple and understated, but featuring your partner’s fingerprint. It’s a deep and sweet touch which means that they’ll always be with you. All we need is a high-resolution photograph of the fingerprint, and our expert goldsmith team can resize and incorporate it into your design.

Modern bridal rings might also feature off-center stones; twisted, double bands; or custom engraving in your partner’s handwriting. Another effect which will really set your ring apart is our half and half ring. Represent your unity with a ring which is two halves of the same whole, just like your partnership.

Modern men’s rings

Men’s rings were traditionally worn for identification or status, but a lot has changed and they’re now nearly as popular as ladies’ rings. Men’s rings too can have an updated look in our extensive collection. Add to the traditional signet ring with two types of metal, or a colored face. Modern men’s rings might also feature the double bands of the Zenn, or engraved sections with added stones, as with our Steve design.