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Beautiful sapphire rings to suit you

The beautiful, deep blue sapphire is a precious stone which has been used to mark special occasions for centuries. DiamondsByMe offer a wide range of customizable options to help you create unique rings with sapphire for any occasion. As a symbol of virtue, faithfulness and sincerity a sapphire ring is perfect to give as a token to a loved one or as an indulgent treat for yourself to reflect who you are. With various styles of ring, cuts of gemstone and types of metal to choose from, we can create something truly special to reflect the wearer’s sense of style, as defined by you.

Sapphire Halo Rings

Sapphire rings are a beautiful alternative to the traditional diamond. Still traditional enough to be a favorite for the royal family, the sapphire is a classic choice. With a wide range of styles and cuts to select from, you can choose to keep to a modern ring with a single stone or modernize your choice by incorporating it into a Halo ring. No matter what your tastes are, DiamondsByMe can help you to create a one-off sapphire ring with subtle or prominent changes.

Our sapphire halo rings are offered in the choice of gold, silver or platinum. A white gold sapphire ring is always a perfect combination. Take it to the next level and choose a platinum ring with sapphire for that extra exclusive appearance. Because platinum is the one of the hardest precious metals, not only will it make your sapphire ring more exclusive, it will also gloriously stand the test of time, and not easily damaged.

Made using the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, we have no limitations on the type of sapphire ring we can create.

Create a unique eternity ring with sapphire

Eternity rings are traditionally given to mark a special occasion after marriage, be that a milestone wedding anniversary, a first-born child or just as a reconfirmation of your love. Whilst you may be tempted into thinking that diamonds are the appropriate choice, DiamondsByMe allows you to create an exclusive piece of jewelry which symbolizes your unique relationship, or your special memory.

As the September birthstone, an eternity ring with sapphire is a beautiful and thoughtful alternative, perhaps commemorating an anniversary date or the month in which your child was born. The pink sapphire is also available to add an extra feminine touch to your design. To fully reflect your style, we have a wide selection of half and full eternity rings with sapphire, which you can mix with diamond or any other precious stone for an exclusive finish.

Sapphire is also the traditional precious stone associated with 45th wedding anniversaries, making rings with sapphire a thoughtful gift to mark the occasion. Our bespoke service allows you to create the perfect ring for your loved one, displaying not only your love and affection but also impressing them with how much you’ve come to learn about their style. For an extra special gift, we offer a full design and create service, letting you make your perfect ring with sapphire from scratch; a unique piece of sapphire jewelry which nobody else owns.

Pear Shaped or a Round Sapphire?

The most popular shape when it comes to gemstones is the round cut stone. A round sapphire will sparkle at its best. Each sapphire ring we at DiamondsByMe offer on our website is specially designed to emphasize the beauty of the deep-blue gemstone. When combined with white gold, a sapphire center stone becomes the focal point of the ring. When you choose a ring with round sapphire, you’re in for an absolute winner, that’s guaranteed to turn more than one head.

Another stone cut, maybe less known than the round stone, is the pear-shaped sapphire. A ring with pear sapphire is a playful variation on the classic ring style. Meant for the adventurous woman, who’s not afraid to show she stands out from the crowd. Of course, we have various other stone cuts as well, like oval and heart shaped sapphires. Browse our collection of sapphire rings and choose the shape that best matches your style.

Design your own Sapphire Ring

Now, it’s time to let your imagination run free with our online configurator. Revise all you like until you design your own perfect sapphire ring. One that you will wear for a lifetime.