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Part of the magic of jewelry is the meaning behind it. Whether this comes from the reason for the gift or from the gives themselves, the look of vintage rings evokes this feeling of background and meaning. A traditional-looking ring makes the wearer feel as though they own a piece of history.

Vintage rings are simply rings that have been previously owned or are from another time. They don’t have to be 100-year old antiques, but can be from many decades and eras. When designing vintage inspired rings, there are many styles to draw on to get that look. Some of the great periods in jewelry, such as Victorian times, 1920s Art Deco and 1970s costume pieces provide rich reference terms to draw on.

Taking these vintage themes, DiamondsByMe can add elements and inspiration from even further back - Medieval and Aztec times - or even from fantasy and fiction. Having the references of forever and the ends of imagination the only barriers, we can create beautiful vintage rings with the timeless style of history.

As with all our collections, you can customize your DiamondsByMe vintage ring entirely. Using our online design tool, choose the metal and stones, giving you the best of both worlds; you get the beauty of the past with the looks of today. We’ve made your search easy: simply take our whole range and select vintage as a category to instantly see our showcase of these beautiful styles. Customize and compare all our vintage inspired rings together, or choose a design and work with it more closely.

Vintage engagement rings

Our range of vintage engagement rings and vintage inspired engagement rings encompasses a range of beautiful traditional styles from the past. The history of the engagement ring itself is thought to date back as far as ancient Roman and Egyptian times, with the traditional diamond becoming the standard in the 1800s. Adding all these references gives us a wealth of inspiration for our collection of vintage engagement rings.

The Tasia is a beautiful vintage inspired engagement ring, with its intricate carving on all sides of the band. Customize the metal to gold for that ancient feel. Moving to another era of history and glamor, the Dodie and Jorinda rings showcase large, oval and cushion cut sapphires, surrounded by diamonds on the shoulders and settings. Another design element we love which instantly takes the ring back to jewelry’s rich past is halo rings, with their star and flower-shaped collections of diamonds.

Vintage rose gold engagement rings

Rose gold has become increasingly popular in recent years, and is a gorgeous alternative to traditional precious metals. It is made from a mixture of yellow gold and copper, which gives the metal its pinkish tones. These warm, blush tones are the perfect complement to vintage styles, really helping to evoke a traditional feel. A vintage rose gold engagement ring is the perfect way to create a feeling of history for the most important gift you’ll ever give.

Our Betty range’s beautifully engraved bands look timeless in the sunset tones of rose gold; pair them with a rich, dark stone for the ultimate vintage engagement ring look. Really put the rose gold at center stage with Severine’s triple-wide, cutout designed band and pave diamonds.

Vintage diamond rings

Diamonds are indeed forever, and there’s a beautiful history of jewelry to look back on. Evoke that timeless feeling with a vintage diamond ring. A gold or platinum band is the perfect backdrop for a cluster of diamonds, either on the band or surrounding the central stone. Vintage diamond rings have intricate settings and shapes, as with the Vickey and Margien ranges; or the embellished bands of the Chasidy and Shonta.

Vintage wedding bands

Wedding bands are often plain, and engagement rings more ornate, but there’s no reason why you can’t take inspiration from history for a vintage wedding band too. Intricate carving, engraving and stonework will give you that timeless look for your rings. Gold is also a traditional metal for wedding bands, and this instantly evokes a feeling of timelessness. Simply take our range of wedding rings and explore the Vintage category for wedding bands for your piece of this historical and traditional style.