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While the signet ring is one of the oldest types, it’s a style and item often associated with men. However, women’s signet rings are growing in popularity, and there’s no reason why women can’t wear this symbol of their identity. DiamondsByMe has a range of feminine updates to the classic style. Take a look at what a signet ring is, and what we have on offer in our range of women’s signet rings.

While you might not think there’s much to customize about the signet ring, as with all DiamondsByMe’s pieces, you can choose the metal and stones. Furthermore, as is traditional with the signet ring, the engraving and personalization makes it the piece of jewelry that really is unique to you.

What is a signet ring?

Signet rings developed through the ancient tradition of seals. Since the times of the Bronze Age, seals and stamps were used to signify the bearer or sender’s identity and approval. They are usually round pieces of metal, featuring an engraved design which could be impressed into wax, clay or paper; or stamped in ink to make a mark. They were an important and essential form of identification and authentication.

The signet ring incorporates this purpose onto a ring which can be worn by the bearer, for identification and ease of use. The face or bezel is usually flat, with a raised relief, and is wider than the ring hoop. The design might be a crest or picture, with the signet rings of today commonly featuring a letter or initials. Modern designs may just have a plain face, or a simple stone. They can also vary in shape from round or oval. Another contemporary update on the signet ring is a cutout initial ring, which is an increasingly popular design.

Pinky signet rings

Signet rings have been worn on the little finger, or pinky, since ancient Roman times. The practice is explained as a way to show off that the wearer actually owned costlier, more ornate pieces of jewelry, with the small pinky signet ring being a placeholder for one that comes out only rarely. It has now become the traditional finger on which to wear a signet ring.

While our rings and signet rings can be made in sizes for any finger, you can measure and wear the rings on your pinky, going as small as 47 or 15mm.

Gold women’s signet rings

Gold is a classic color for signet rings, displaying the status and ornate nature of their original use. The Herman is a plain, yet luxurious look, with a rounded gold band and flat central stone. These can come in a range of understated, muted colors including blues of all shades, onyx, and carnelian. The Jake is an update on this look, with a thinner, uniform band and hunched hoops on the shoulders, either side of the stone.

Personalized signet rings

DiamondsByMe has an extensive collection of personalized signet rings. For instant recognition, our range of initial and letter rings come in every style. From a disc and initial, to a cutout letter, and even the traditional signet style with a deep letter impression, there’s a style to suit everyone’s self-expression.

For a simple engraved look, the Sven is a rounded gold band, with a plain, brushed face, perfect for the classic lettering style of your choice up to 12 characters. For a truly modern update on the personalized signet ring, the Levi fingerprint ring is the most unique way to showcase your or a loved one’s identity. All we need is a high-resolution picture of your fingerprint, and we’ll then resize and transfer to the bezel or face of the ring for the ultimate personalized signet ring.