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Tennis bracelets

Tennis bracelets
Tennis bracelets
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Create your own handmade tennis bracelet. A timeless statement on your wrist. Choose from our wide variety of options when it comes to the materials and colors, and create your own personal piece of jewelry. For you to enjoy a lifetime.
The essence of subtlety, tennis bracelets have a quiet elegance that makes them a timeless classic.
Versatile and sophisticated, handmade tennis bracelets are the perfect gift for any of your loved ones. A go to gift for birthdays, holidays and significant occasions, tennis bracelets are treasured pieces for women or men of any age.
For the most quintessential and popular styles, opt for gold, white gold or diamond tennis bracelets.

With the modern evolution of tennis bracelets for men, these bracelets have come full circle from their humble beginnings as eternity bracelets for men and women in the 1920s.Adding a touch of glamour to any outfit, the refined design of tennis bracelets make them easy to wear for any occasion.

About tennis bracelets

Originating in the 1920s, these slim bracelets, were first known as eternity bracelets, which were a popular style of bracelet worn by both men and women. Featuring precious stones or engravings, eternity bracelets in gold or silver were the height of fashion.

Eternity bracelets became popular again in the eighties when Chris Evert stopped her live tennis match at the U.S. Open in 1987, to look for her diamond eternity bracelet which had snapped during play.
This tasteful style of bracelet is still worn by high-profile tennis players today, such as Serena Williams, Venus Williams and Maria Sharapova, who have all sported diamond or gold tennis bracelets during matches.
As a result, eternity bracelets are commonly known as tennis bracelets and remain a much-loved way to add an understated touch of glam to any attire.

The beauty of tennis bracelets is in the simplicity of its design, making them easy to wear on any occasion. These slender bracelets can be worn in gold, platinum or silver, studded with precious stones, an initial pendant or a mixture of precious metals.

Personalize your tennis bracelet

For the most classic style, choose a tasteful artisan gold or white gold tennis bracelet for a refined dash of luxury from DiamondsByMe. Alternatively, opt for a stylish handmade tennis bracelet with diamonds that will add a subtle touch of glamour to any outfit.
Customize any artisan tennis bracelet at DiamondsByMe with your own choice of precious metals, precious stones, engravings and more. From precious stones in every color to gold, silver and platinum metals, you are guaranteed to create a unique tennis bracelet that is exactly what you wanted.

A simple way to add an understated dash of luxe to any outfit.

Create your own bespoke tennis bracelet today. Customize any of our tennis bracelets or design your own from scratch today.

Your very own tennis bracelet design

Interested in having your own unique design created in precious metals and gemstones? At DiamondsByMe we pride ourselves in creating exquisite designs, according to your wishes and preferences. With years of experience working in the jewelry industry, our team will happily guide you through the design process from start to finish. You can rely on our designers and goldsmiths to make you something unique and gorgeous. Something that's a game, set and match from the moment you contact us, until the happy day your personal tennis bracelet arrives at your doorstep.