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    They’re classic, they’re timeless, and like your bond, they last forever. A diamond wedding ring is the only way to make that moment, and the rest of the ones you spend together, truly special. At DiamondsByMe we want to take this everlasting symbol of love and make it about your partnership. We’re here to apply our expert knowledge, timeless techniques, and innovative technology to your vision.

    Whilst we showcase hundreds of diamond wedding rings which range from the affordable to the exclusive, the old-fashioned to the avant garde, our true passion is for crafting something for you. Immerse yourself in our collection and take inspiration for your creation.

    Another gorgeous and unique way to personalize your diamond wedding ring is to have it engraved. This process is free of charge for standard lettering, but we are able to accommodate bespoke handwriting and even yours or your partner’s own for an extra cost.

    With our unique process, you can sit down with one of our specialist artists, who will interpret your vision, taking it from a blank piece of paper to a fully-formed diamond wedding ring design. You can even start creating your design wherever you are using our online jewelry configurator. Where our bespoke technology comes into play is in the 3D digital modeling and even 3D printing so that you know exactly what you’re getting. DiamondsByMe’s traditional and modern goldsmith techniques then allow us to actually put your diamond wedding ring together using the finest quality metal and gemstones.

    Our diamond engagement rings

    For when there’s only one way to ask that question. A classic solitaire ring in 14 carat gold or rare and precious platinum tells the story of your love. Solitaire diamond engagement rings have a four or six leg prongs to open and raise the diamond for maximum brilliance and shine. Another classic idea for a diamond engagement ring is a 3 stone ring, with a large central stone for your present, surrounded by two smaller stones symbolizing past and future. Choose the central stone in a different color for a standout piece.

    Our diamond wedding bands

    Diamond wedding bands are traditional but at DiamondsByMe we’re about bringing you something different, something unique, something special that you won’t see anywhere else. A simple, wide band lined with stones of the same size is an understated yet luxurious way to add something extra and just your own to the classic gold band, this style is called the eternity wedding band.

    A pave style is becoming a very popular look for a diamond wedding band. A pave ring is generally wider and thicker, often in white gold. Its defining feature is its several rows of small stones, placed very closely together. A current trend is to wear these in addition to a wedding ring. If you’ve already picked out your rings together, it’s a lovely way to surprise your partner with an extra gift.

    Women's diamond wedding bands

    Women's diamond wedding bands can be a traditional touch with a modern flair, or something minimal that says just a little bit about your personality. Remember that any of our range that you see on the site can be customized with your choice of metals and gemstones - even if you’re not creating your own design your ring can be truly you. A sophisticated and timeless look for a women's diamond wedding band could be small black diamonds set in a wide, textured gold band, or a few stones etched into a carefully crafted groove. Recently we added the lab grown diamonds to our range of gemstones. Affordable sustainable diamonds.

    A look at princess cut diamond rings

    The princess cut is the epitome of diamond engagement rings. While the round cut might still just about beat it in popularity, princess cut diamond rings have come to symbolize luxury, style and a grand gesture.

    It is a solid and classic square shape, cut to include 76 components. While it’s often seen bold and large as a single diamond on an engagement ring, a row of smaller stones is also a popular style for princess cut diamond rings. What is important here is that because of the cut, it’s important to get the highest possible color gradation so that not too much of the natural yellowish color in the diamond is visible. This explains why large princess cut diamond rings have become a standard in which to set high quality diamonds. We recommend a minimum color of G. At DiamondsByMe you have a choice of VS/E or SI/G diamonds. Princess cut stones can also be used to flank other stones, cementing their popularity as a timeless style.