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    Now you can seal your bond with the ultimate personalization: your fingerprint. DiamondsByMe has a collection of rings which incorporate this innovative and personal touch with all the classic elements you expect from a wedding ring. Or you can use our exclusive online, in-house ring design service to build something that’s all your own, right down to your fingerprints.

    It’s one of the fashions of the moment, and getting wedding rings with fingerprints isn’t as complex a process as you might think. It doesn’t involve any messy molds or time-consuming visits - it can be as simple as making a scan. All you need is an inkpad and a scanner to send us the picture of your fingerprint. We then use this to engrave the design in the same way we would make any other mark on the ring. We aim to make the fingerprint lifesize so it looks like you’ve really left your mark on your partner’s ring.

    Take a look at our range of wedding rings with fingerprints, or dream up something as unique as your fingerprint, all wedding rings can be customized so you can choose from white gold, gold, rose gold and platinum as you favorite color.

    Our fingerprint rings

    DiamondsByMe has fingerprint ring designs to suit any purpose, and you can add a fingerprint to pretty much any design. Most commonly fingerprint rings are chosen as wedding rings because it’s a really personal way to share your bond with each other.

    A fingerprint ring doesn’t have to be plain, you can add a fingerprint alongside gems or other design elements. Equally, it’s a sophisticated way to add detail and instant, subtle personalization to a ring. As with all our rings and wedding bands, the design is completely up to you, but let us take you through a few of our fingerprint wedding bands for some inspiration. How about our plain, Bernice set, with its thick, wide, squared off gold band. We like how this design features nothing but the fingerprint as the only element, focused on just your personalization in a classic gold setting. The men’s and ladies’ rings are the same, for a clean, simple look.

    DiamondsByMe’s Francisca ring takes it up a notch, proving that with your fingerprint wedding band, the print can be one of many design elements. The main band is in white gold, with thick gold rims and a small, framed diamond stone setting on the ladies’ ring. The fingerprint sits within the white gold channel, fully integrated into a luxurious, modern design. Lastly, check out our Leonila pair, with a thick, rounded white gold band. There is a rivet cut in, nearly separating the band, with a small diamond in the gap as if suspended. Your fingerprint will be placed off-center for a modern look.

    A fingerprint men’s wedding band is an unusual and innovative way to add some style to a men’s wedding ring. This is especially popular as often men’s wedding bands don’t feature stones or intricate designs. You can have a ring that matches your partner’s, with your fingerprints, while the ladies’ ring has added elements such as stones.

    Fingerprint ring engraving

    The fingerprint ring engraving is as simple a process as any engraving, and just as with our other design elements, you can add your fingerprint, as unique as you are, remotely using our online design tool. All we need is a high-resolution image of your fingerprint and we will size, place and engrave to your specifications.

    Just as with any other style, fingerprint ring engraving can be added to any of our metals, so there’s no need to limit your choice. As always with DiamondsByMe, you can choose every element, as well as add your personal touch, literally. All types of engravings are possible, for more inspiration you can also check out our personal wedding rings collection with different engraving styles.

    Memorial fingerprint rings

    Because our fingerprint rings incorporate one of the most unique, personal elements about us, they are the perfect way to honor or remember a loved one. With memorial fingerprint rings you can carry them and their memory around with you always, with a physical, immediate reminder of their touch, for when words aren’t enough.