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Men's rings

Signet rings
Signet rings
Rolex style
Rolex style

Men’s rings have a long and rich history of denoting wealth, status, identity and membership, and DiamondsByMe’s collection seeks to pay tribute to this long tradition. Whether you’re looking for a monogram ring, signet ring, or just a gift to show someone how you feel, our range is sure to have something to spark your imagination.

Men’s rings have been around since ancient times, dating back as far as 2500 BC. Whilst designs started out being fairly simple, they grew to be more complex over time, becoming a fashion item by ancient Greek times. Over time, availability of certain metals and stones dictated trends, with the Romans popularizing the inlaying of gems and stones into the band of the ring. By the middle ages, multiple rings for men had become normal for showing off their wealth and status.

DiamondsByMe has an extensive range of men’s rings, encompassing modern and traditional styles; and for every kind of occasion. Using our unique online design tool, you can choose and customize your men’s ring, instantly seeing how your selections will look. Choose a type or category, or narrow the list down by metals and stones, and compare our range to find your ultimate men’s rings.

Men’s wedding bands

Men’s wedding bands are traditionally plain, thick and solid, there to showcase the man’s strength and virility as the protector and provider in the marriage. While DiamondsByMe caters to this style, we have more modern, ornate and personal men’s wedding bands - as well as everything in between.

We love the modern, squared-off style, either in a polished, or brushed platinum. Two tone bands are also growing in popularity, and are a subtle, stylish way of symbolizing your coming together. Overlapping, engraved and twisted bands are another update on the classic men’s wedding band style.

Promise rings for men

A promise ring is a special piece of jewelry, given and received to commemorate a bond between two partners. It’s beauty and simplicity is in the fact that only the giver and the wearer know what the ring symbolizes; it’s unique to you two.

A new and special innovation that DiamondsByMe must offer for promise rings for men, is the fingerprint design. We take a high-resolution image of your fingerprints, and use our ancient and new goldsmith techniques to engrave the design onto your rings.

Men’s gold rings

Gold is a beautiful and traditional metal for rings, especially those for men. It’s solid, it’s precious and it’s a piece of wealth and status. Gold is perfect for making jewelry as it is soft enough to mold and shape. Men’s gold rings look strong and traditional, and with DiamondsByMe’s range, you can choose and create any of our rings to feature gold. Of course every metal is available like white gold, rose gold and platinum.

Two tone rings like the Zenn, with its ridged band and two tone color scheme highlight the warmth and shine of the gold; while the brushed and polished contrast in the simplicity of the Samuel perfectly showcases the precious metal.

Men’s rings with diamonds

Through tradition and reputation, men’s rings have come to be known as plain, but there’s no reason why your collection can’t feature men’s rings with diamonds - and the style is becoming increasingly popular.

Our favorites are the Remco and Steve in Rolex style, with their inlaid stones set into the opulence of a simple, notched band. In gold or white gold, the precious metals will complement the brilliance of the diamonds. A central stone can also be incorporated into a strong look, such as with the Robertus range.

Men’s pinky rings

Men’s pinky rings are actually one of the earliest and most enduring styles. Traditionally these rings would have been to display identification or status, usually in the form of a letter, symbol or seal. These are also known as signet rings. At DiamondsByMe we love this traditional look and are inspired to create designs steeped in heritage as well as those with a modern twist.

The Brent range features beveled bands and plain faces, in muted, matte stones such as Carnelian and Onyx. While the Milan showcases the classic circular face style, with the simple initial of your choice. Whether you choose something plain like the Finn, or more ornate like the Ruan, our range of men’s pinky rings is the ultimate in classic style, status and quality.