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Signet rings are traditionally worn by men and passed down through generations to mark coming of age or a special occasion and, more recently, they are also becoming increasingly popular with women. A highly personal and sentimental gift, the signet ring is worn with pride for decades before often being passed onto a younger member of the family. DiamondsByMe have a stunning selection of signet ring designs for you to choose from, available in gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum. As members of the Responsible Jewelry Council, we can guarantee that the precious metals we use have all come from reputable sources, ensuring the best quality at a fair price.

Our highly experienced team of jewelers can engrave plain metal signet rings as well as a variety of flat stones, a skill which is rare to find. You can choose to have your signet ring left plain or engraved with your family coat of arms, initials or a monogram for an extra special touch. Regardless of your choice, your new signet ring can be completely customized by you, ensuring you receive a unique piece of jewelry which you won’t find elsewhere.

Our gorgeous men’s signet ring designs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the classic oval to a more modern square or crest shape. We also cater for every budget and taste with various other choices; our base designs include simple, thick metal bands, diamond set shoulders or intricately engraved designs, allowing you to create a signet ring which you’ll be proud to wear on a daily basis.

A stunning piece of jewelry individually or stacked up with other rings, our men’s signet rings can be altered so that you have the precious metal and gemstone which is right for you, creating a look you want for a price you’ll love. One of our best signet ring is the Rolex style signet ring.

Affordable Signet Ring Engraving

With extensive experience in designing and creating unique jewelry, our team of jewelers can offer hand engraving, 3D cast engraving and stone engraving in sardonyx, skills which aren’t always easy to come across. If you are buying from us, we can incorporate your design into the cast when creating your ring, offering signet ring engraving which is both affordable and long-lasting.

If you already have a signet ring or would just like to use the most traditional method, we also offer hand engraving, directly onto your ring. We have a variety of beautiful stones which you can choose to have set into your signet ring, all which are ready to be engraved. With the precious stones ranging from blue sardonyx to onyx, each will show your design perfectly, in a variety of stunning colors.

Unique Initial and Monogram Signet Rings

Whilst our men’s signet rings are gorgeous when left plain, you may like to create an initial signet ring, ensuring you own a piece of jewelry which is completely exclusive. Choose to have your initials engraved from a range of beautiful fonts or create a unique monogram signet ring, linking your initials together for a truly bespoke design. DiamondsByMe offer initial signet rings at affordable, fair prices, ensuring you get a piece of personalized jewelry which won’t break your budget.

Personalized Signet Rings

With such an extensive range of designs, we’re sure we’ll have something to suit every style, but if you’d prefer you can create your signet ring from scratch, using our bespoke jewelry service. Our highly skilled team of jewelers will work with you to bring your ideas to life and allowing you the freedom to create personalized signet rings which are truly unique. You can use an heirloom or other piece of jewelry as inspiration, modernizing and altering to suit you, or create a genuine one-off piece.

At DiamondsByMe we never hold stock of any ring styles and each piece of jewelry is made to order, so we can offer this luxury service at an affordable and competitive price. We will always make sure you are given a final price and have seen a 3D mock-up of your design before we begin to work on your piece, ensuring you receive exactly what you hoped for, and allowing you the freedom to have full involvement in your uniquely personalized signet ring.